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Name 8 Ball Pool Mod
ID com.miniclip.eightballpool
Publisher Miniclip com
Category Sports
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Version 5.12.0
Size 74.05MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4+
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8 Ball Pool Mod (Unlimited Coins and Money) — one of the best pool sports game. Take up your cue, challenge opponents and pot all the required balls to become the winner.


Place your ball and strike! Players of 8 Ball Pool should be ready for different challenges and tournaments. You can go round different pool centers around the world and gamble your coins.

Coins are required to play a 1v1 multiplayer game. Like a gamble, both players are to drop their coins and the winner takes it all. Aim and accuracy is very much needed to pot in balls. You need to focus on your target and be sure of your aim before striking.

There are various tournaments players can participate to win amazing rewards. These rewards include coins, money and new cues. Improve your skills through training so you can match other strong opponents and battle for a spot in the world leaderboard.


8 Ball Pool allows friends to challenge each other. Create new memories with your friends as you go head-to-head in challenge. To play multiplayer, players are to connect to their Miniclip account or Facebook account.

Having an account is the only way to create server rooms and be able to join other servers. Multiplayer only ends one way, you either lose your coins or win more coins, players have something to lose if they don’t win.

There are different tournaments players can join, these tournaments includes 8 and 12 player tournaments. In the 8 and 12 player tournaments, there are different rounds and players are to versus an opponent. The loser gets eliminated and the winner moves to the next round until two remains to play the final of the tournament.


8 Ball Pool is a game of pool in which two players go against each other. They are to strike balls and try to pot them in one of the 6 holes at the edge of the table.

There are two main kind of balls and of different colors, they are the stripes and solids. If you pot the wrong ball, you will only succeed in reducing your opponents balls and lose a round of play. The first player to pot all his balls and the black wins. Do note potting the black ball before potting all required balls is automatic loss.

Player control is simple, all activities are performed on the screen, swipe and select your target ball, gently slide your cue to aim and increase power on the power bar to strike. To strike with force, increase the power bar to the max. It is that simple.


Buying cues is a way of spending your coins, be careful how you spend so you have enough left to challenge other players in Multiplayer mode.

There are different kind of cues with different stats. Go through all available and purchase the very best you can work with that fits your playing style. Choosing the right cue tends to increase rate of accuracy and power.


  • Create and join different tournaments to win prizes.
  • 10+ cues to purchase and unlock
  • Different pool centers and events to be part of
  • Global leaderboard
  • Daily rewards to claim
  • Account creation to safe progress and play with friends
  • In-game chat menu to discuss with opponents


  • Long Line
  • Mega Hit
  • Al Rooms GuideLines
  • Cue Ball In Hand
  • Unlimited Token
  • Unlimited Cash
  • Level
  • Unlimited Cue Recharge
  • Unlimited coins

Note: If you get an update alert from Google Play, delete the mod and reinstall it. Please do not activate all features while using the Mod; the risk of the ban is high.

Download the latest version 5.12.0 for new mod features.

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8 Ball Pool Mod v 5.12.0
MOD Unlimited Coins

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