*556# Not Working? MTN Nigeria New USSD Codes 2023

May 20, 2023 (1 year ago)
*556# Not Working? MTN Nigeria New USSD Codes 2023

The Telecommunication industry has been the past, they are the present and they will be a great part of the future. *556# and all codes you remember of MTN are no longer valid as MTN Nigeria comes with New USSD Codes.

Following the recent order from Nigeria Communications Commission (NCC), MTN has decided to follow through with new USSD codes for every single service they offer. This means the USSD code for data, data balance, credit balance and so many others have been changed.

Yea,*556#, *559#, *131# and so many popular others of MTN no longer work. If you try dialing the codes, you will get something similar to the image below, “wrong input.”


MTN is one of the leading and most popular telecommunication in Nigeria. As a big telecommunication brand, it offers a lot of services to meet users needs.

All these services are accessible with ease through the use of USSD codes. For the below services, you will need to unlearn all the codes you know and welcome the new.


Services Old USSD Codes New USSD Codes
Call Center 180 300
Borrow services *606# *303#
STOP service (VAS) *447# *305#
Check Balance *556# *310#
Credit Recharge *555# *311#
Data Plan *131# *312#
Share Services (MTN Share ‘N’ Sell) *777# *321#
Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage *785# *996#


USSD is widely in use by a lot of telecommunication users in Nigeria and MTN has ensured the new codes will be easy for anyone to remember anytime.


Previously, if you have an issue as an MTN user, you would simply just dial 180 to contact call center. Well, that code is no longer valid today. To reach out to MTN Call Center, dial 300 to get started and be connected to a representative to resolve your issue.

MTN Nigeria response team is amazing and the Call Center is always open for MTN users.


It’s normal for telecom users not to keep track of their data balance or call credit (airtime). You are definitely not the only one who forgets to recharge when at low. Borrow services of MTN is here for you.

Previously, if you need to make an emergency or important call and you are low on airtime, you would simply dial *606#. That code is no longer valid, the updated USSD for borrow services MTN Nigeria is now *303#. Do remember you are borrowing, so try to pay back soon enough.


Before now, we can keep track of the Value Added Services we are subscribed to by dialing *447#. With that code, we can as well unsubscribe or stop attached VAS.

To stop VAS in MTN Nigeria now, as from 2023 to whenever the codes will be updated again, use *305#.


There is always a need to check balance, this is done daily on average by most Telecommunication users. You need to be aware of your balance status to know if you can make that call, or buy that data plan. *556# is usually the number to dial to check balance, but not anymore. The new USSD code to check balance is now *310#.


Airtime recharge also took part in the changes, *555# is yesterday, *311# is today. This is to say if you want to recharge airtime, don’t type the code this way “*555*airtime code#”, but use this format “*311*airtime code#.”

DATA PLAN: *312#

“Data is life,” that’s a popular saying in this modern day. To access the internet or download games and applications, you need an internet connection, and for this connection you need an active data plan.

Data plan ranges from daily to monthly and yearly, you go for the one that suits your need and financial capability. Previously, *131# is the code to get started, but not anymore. To view data plan, share data, gift data and engage in any data service, dial *312# to get started.


There are just two services under this category, Share Services (MTN Share ‘N’ Sell) and Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage.

Share Services USSD code has been updated from *777# to *321# and Verification of SIM Registration/NIN-SIM Linkage from *785# to *996#.

One thing you should notice about the USSD code update is the fact that 7 out of the 8 services begins with the number 3. This makes it easy to remember the USSD codes for services as they all begin with “3.” The old USSD codes is scrambled, beginning with different numbers, difficult to remember sometimes.

Hopefully, most Telecommunication service providers in Nigeria will follow suit and work on making their service USSD code as friendly to remember as possible. This is a good change and every MTN Nigeria user will adapt fully soon enough.

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