Top FREE Health and Fitness Apps For Android In 2023

May 16, 2023 (1 year ago)
Top FREE Health and Fitness Apps For Android In 2023

Like the popular saying goes, health is wealth and that is very much true. There is need to stay healthy year after year, and what better modern way to do it in 2023 than with these top free Health and Fitness apps for Android.


Over time, the number of health keep up apps have increased from thousands to millions, but surely not all are worth using. Instead of jumping from one android application to another for your health keep, just keep reading to discover which is the best fit for you.

You will get a detailed review about each of the top FREE health and fitness applications in 2023. All apps you will get introduced to are considered to be the best based on personal experiences and global usage reviews, so you definitely can trust them.

Health and Fitness applications includes steps tracker, heart beat as well as blood pressure monitor. Workout is a basic fitness strategy, and you will get to the best options for you.


Why are steps tracking apps considered under health and fitness you might ask. Walking, jogging, running, these are all forms of exercises which are good for your health. You should try moving around a lot, and this can aid calories loss.

Set a daily walking limit and keep to it with the most accurate steps tracking application for android phones. These apps are also know as pedometers and below are the best and free to use for you.


Google fit app for Android

This application is a courtesy of Google’s developers and it comes with an amazing user interface for easier and better usage. With Google Fit, you can track not only your steps but other vitals as well.

Google fit is very much dynamic and extensive, you can connect to your smart watch what ever brand it might be, Xiaomi or Samsung. Just like other pedometer applications, there are bound to be some mistakes from time to time in analytics. Pedometers are hardwares you know, but Google Fit is the most accurate there is and 100% free to use.


Activity Tracker Android app

After Google fit, pedometer applications for android closer in terms of accuracy are Pacer Pedometer and Leap Fitness Step Counter. Well, for this list of the best steps tracking applications (free), details won’t be provided for them because they cost money to use. Pacer Pedometer costs over $20 yearly for usage and Leap Fitness Step Counter costs less, $3.

Not many fancy spending money on apps in other to use them, when other apps out there provides free use. The next free to use steps tracking/counting application after Google Fit is Activity Tracker.

Activity Tracker, well like the name implies tracks various health related activities. It’s developers out done themselves given that the app consumes very little battery percentage. Activity Tracker makes use of a motion sensor that allows it to effectively count steps taken. It can also effectively estimate calories loss. The User Interface is so lovely and it is very easy to use.


For better focus, details of the top free health and fitness applications in 2023 are provided in categories according to workout and health monitoring apps. With this post table of contents, you can navigate around and skip through to your favorite category.

Workout applications are dynamic, they help users to build up their body statue and keep fit. Just like most pedometer or health tracking apps, they can estimate calories loss. Workout applications and health monitoring applications can work hand in hand to give a better analysis of your health. You should know there are also hundreds of free workout applications for android. Below are the top 2 based on effectiveness.


Home Workout app for Android (top free health and fitness apps for Android)

It is not a must you should hit the gym every now and then in order to stay fit, you can do this from the comfort of your home. Home workout has the best collection of exercises you can carryout at home. You are not bound to only your home as a location for workout with this app, but anywhere else proper like the gym.

This application has over 100 million downloads and you are going to see why millions choose this over others. As a first time user of Home Workout, you are going to go through some questions which will help the app design a fitness plan for you.

You can decide to work on full body build, or simply focus on a specific part of your body, like abs and chest. Every plan in shaped into sections of beginner workout to advance workout. Work gradually to advancement and stay fit. All exercises are possible to carry out, and there is a visual and audio guide attached to ensure you are keeping fit right.


Fitify android app

Like the name goes, this app is all about fitness and workout. Just like the above Home Workout application, Fitify provides a workout plan you can carry out at home or anywhere proper for exercise.

Something unique about Fitify is that, you can customize your own plan. There are over 800 exercises available for you to choose from when setting up a personal plan.

Still fit and healthy as you time yourself and create a daily schedule. Commitment to workout builds the body in the most effective manner. All plans on Fitify mobile app are designed to build users strength from simple exercises to hard ones. You can set a schedule for exercises and a reminder through the app.


Great, you now know four amazing top free health and fitness apps you can use on your Android phone. As you stay fit, there is a need for you to monitor health vitals as well.

There are so many apps that can help you monitor health vitals (heart rate and blood pressure). You shouldn’t prioritize these apps over real time health care services, but you can use them to stay updated on your health.

The best recommended free health monitoring app is Heart Rate Monitor. This app helps to analyze your heart by making use of an algorithm to recognize heart beat rate. This is possible as the app uses the camera of your phone to capture images which will aid it’s analysis. The accuracy is ensured by comprehensive and professional experiments.

Staying fit is and will always be a choice you should prioritize. Remember health is wealth. Make that decision, choose any of the top free health and fitness apps you find compatible for you in 2023. Stay healthy and fit!

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