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Name Bad Bobby Saga
Category Adventure
Size 351 MB
Version 1.1
Publisher RAinces
MOD Features Full game
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
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Bad Bobby Saga Mod (Full game) — A big time adventure awaits as you live through the story of your character, Bobby. Make decisions to decide how you want your story to go.


Bad Bobby Saga is an RPG adventure game that puts players in the role of a boy everyone calls Bobby. You are to live through his unique story and decide how you want things to turn out for you.

Meet all members of your family as you progress, as well as other major characters. Perform various activities to help those around you, and above all, have fun. You should know Bad Bobby Saga storyline is the best there is and quite addicting.

There’s a whole virtual world you can explore. Go out of your home and get a job as a mall security. Earn cash and be able to carry out activities that require you to spend money.

Download Bad Bobby Saga Mod (Full game)


The story walks players through the life of Bobby, the only male in his family. With a mom and three sisters, you get to experience a lot of family drama and challenges. This is an adult game and therefore the forms in which the characters appear can be rather too voluptuous.

Manage the decisions Bobby makes from spying on his family, to getting a job and doing it well. His life is very much interesting. As you go further into the story, you get to unfold a lot of juicy secrets.

There are different tasks that needs to be accomplished for you to advance further into the story. These tasks are usually simple to carry out and they vary depending on the character involved.


The first character in Bad Bobby Saga you will be introduced to apart from bobby is Mom. The game starts off with Bobby meeting his mom for some help.

Download Bad Bobby Saga Mod (Full game)

Other characters you will get to meet along the way is Lucy and Liza, they are both Bobby’s sisters and you will quite experience difficulty communicating with one of them.

Get yourself a job downtown to earn some income. With earned money, you can get what your want and make deals with your siblings. Meet other characters in the game as you perform your job securing a shopping mall.


Communication is a key aspect of Bad Bobby Saga. From time to time, you will be given options to choose from that will guide Bobby’s next action. Your decision may increase your relationship with other characters in the game, or may get you on the bad side of others.

In your place of work, you get to decide what you want to do with criminals you catch stealing from the mall. The action you take decides if you will get sacked in the long run, or get higher pay bonus.

Fill up your inventory with valuable items you find, they will someday be useful to you. This adult game is fun, but you need to agree to the play requirements before you can run your own adventure with Bobby.

Download Bad Bobby Saga Mod (Full game)


  • A unique storyline of a boy going through family drama and career challenges
  • Ever new tasks which players can find on characters’ to-do list
  • Game settings that allow players to tweak game graphics and audio
  • Different locations to explore within and outside Bobby’s home
  • Different skills to nurture including hacking and stealth

Download the latest version 1.1 of Bad Bobby Saga and enjoy in-game improvements and bugs fix.

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