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Name BitLife - Life Simulator
ID com.candywriter.bitlife
Publisher Candywriter LLC
Category Simulation
MOD Features Menu, Vip Unlocked, God Mode, Bitizenship
Version 3.7.14
Size 149.64 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0+
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BitLife Mod (Vip Unlocked, God Mode, Bitizenship) — a simulation mobile game based on living a virtual life. Get born into a virtual family and write your own story.


Living a life separate from that of reality is now possible with your mobile phone. BitLife is a game designed to give players the opportunity to make firm decisions that will affect the life of their character.

Get the game installed and watch over your character from the day of its birth. An interesting part of BitLife is you can decide the country you want to be born in. If you have imagined what it is like to be British or Indian, jump right in and join millions of players.

A mix of perfection and adventure is the base of the game. Players can create that perfect human. It’s very simple, you decide on your next action and you just do it. There is absolutely zero physical consequences. Live the rogue life, or become an angel, everything is possible!


There is just endless possibilities to things players can explore or be. Choose your avatar, name, country, parents. Explore the various race of humanity and become your dream character.

You can decide the nationality of your avatar. Comfortable with your current country, you can chose that. It’s much fun exploring a virtual world with an unfamiliar identity. For the growth of their avatar, players have a huge role to play.

Advance in age by clicking on the next year button on the screen. Try out everything you feel you need to do before advancing in age. Go to school, spend more time with your virtual mom and dad, get medical treatments, live the perfect life. Thinking of going rogue, begin your journey by dropping out of school and going into the streets. There’s an endless possibilities to the character you can be.


Expect unplanned challenges every year by year. Go for medical treatment when sick, join social media to improve your relationship status and know more people.

Write your story and live to it. You can become a famous footballer or actress. Go to school, graduate and find a job to earn money for your avatar’s upkeep.

Go on dates, get married and create your own family. Life goes on and on, live up to the 3rd generation of your lineage and technological advancement. Death is the only way out of BitLife.


  • Over 20 countries to choose nationality from.
  • So many activities to explore, go to school, learn new skills, get a job, give birth.
  • Create a BitLife account to save your progress.
  • Players can advance in age as far as they want.


  • Mod Menu
  • Bitizenship Unlock (not all, only a few features are unlocked like Dark mode, No ads…)
  • God mode
  • Ads removed
  • You can use Time Machine for free.
  • You can purchase Boss Mode for free (a set with all professions), for which open the main menu, go to Job Packs – Actor and click on Get it now.

Download the latest mod version for all mod features.

Available Versions

BitLife - Life Simulator icon
BitLife - Life Simulator v 3.6.4
MOD Menu, Vip Unlocked, God Mode, Bitizenship

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