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Name Bleach: Immortal Soul
Category Role Playing
Size 0.99GB
Version 2.1.19
MOD Features Unlimited Coins
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Bleach: Immortal Soul Mod (Unlimited Coins) — a role playing game based on the story of the popular Bleach anime. Play and develop your story with intense battles between famous characters.


Get ready for what’s coming! The Soul Society, in an unplanned situation, is going to request help, and it’s up to you to save the souls of the living.

Bleach: Immortal Soul begins with the story of the main character players will be using, Ichigo Kurosaki. The story continues from Ichigo’s introduction to the Soul Society to an action role-playing game of demon destruction.

The moment players have been waiting for is here; take on the role of a soul reaper and eliminate every hollow spirit that comes your way.

Bleach: Immortal Soul Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)


There are various levels available to play, and each level is linked together in the journey of the storyline. If you are a lover of anime, you will definitely find this game worth every minute of your time. The storyline follows that of Bleach, and from time to time, cutscenes from the anime are displayed.

The monetary items used for purchases and upgrades are gold coins. At the end of every chapter, players will earn rewards based on how well they play. These rewards include magical items. The more hollow demons you can eliminate, the faster your character can reach a new level. Each character level comes with unique abilities and strengths.

In cases where players cannot handle the battle on their own, they can summon other players. Summoning is an in-game feature that allows you to team up with other unlocked characters alongside Ichigo.

Bleach: Immortal Soul Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)


Following the update change log, numerous new items are available to enhance your gaming experience. The home menu of Bleach: Immortal Souls offers a high level of customization.

Part of the customization includes camera and audio setup, as well as user preferences. You can change the game language to suit your understanding as the player. Hopefully, in future updates, new skins will be available for you to use on your character.

Upgrade your characters and create the strongest soul reaper squad ever! Save as many souls as you can, but do not waste attacks, for you will definitely regret it. Each player will take turns in attack and defense.


  • Customize your character in terms of appearance and outfits.
  • The game storyline is based on the anime show Bleach.
  • Eliminate the evil spirits lurking in your path.
  • Make good use of the different magical weapons available in the store.
  • Hone your abilities and make upgrades for more damaging effects against enemies.
  • There are hundreds of different levels to play.

Bleach: Immortal Soul Mod APK (Unlimited Coins)


Bleach: Immortal Soul Mod APK is a modification of the original game version. It gives you various interesting features which are listed below:

  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Spirits
  • Characters Unlocked

Download the latest version 2.1.19 for bugs fix and new levels. 

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