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Name Bling2
Category Social
Size 40.2 MB
Version 2.11.8
Publisher Bling2
MOD Features Unlocked
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Bling2 Mod (Unlocked Room) — A social media platform that allows people to express themselves and talents through livestream. Users can also have fun playing online games and engaging in various entertainment.


Bling2 is a platform the brings different people from across different countries together. Join millions of other users as you make friends and have fun together. There is never a dull moment with the endless fun features of the app.

There is no one who doesn’t appreciate making money at same time having fun. Get your audience together, grow them in numbers and make money off them as you dish out back to back amazing contents.

Some days, you may not feel like creating contents or going through your friends’ livestream, but there’s more to Bling2 to keep you entertained still. Check out varieties of games over vast genres, action, simulation, arcade, adventure, and so much more. Stay entertained always!

Bling2 Mod APK (Unlocked Room)


To be able to join others in Livestream, either creating yours or watching others is the main feature of this social platform. You will need to be a registered member to use the app by the way. Registration is a simple process, and it gives you access to all amazing features of Bling2.

With this platform, you can express yourself how best you can and begin your journey to fame. Go live and display your talents, be it singing, dancing, drawing, anything you feel is captivating enough to build you an audience. Consistence is growth, keep dishing out contents as often as you can and watch your followers increase over time.

Livestream comes with different tools and filters that allows you to spice things up. Just like TikTok, you can add special effects to your Livestream, and amazing transitions. You can keep up with your fans’ comments even when Live.

Bling2 Mod APK (Unlocked Room)


Apart from the Livestream feature, this application allows you to meet new people online. There are millions of users and you can make friends with any you want. Making friends requires some socializing skills you should know.

Bling2 allows you to send and receive messages, chat with your friends online, or make new friends. Communication is of so much importance today and it gets easier with this app.

There are hundreds of stickers you can use while chatting with your friends to express your emotions. All emojis can also be used as well in messages. Also, you can share media (images and videos) with anyone you want through chat.


Unlike most social applications, you don’t get to only partake in content creation or chatting with other users for fun. There are tons of games featured over different genres that allows you to keep the fun going.

Everyone have their likes and dislikes, their preferred genre. Action, puzzle, arcade, simulation, and all categories of games are featured. You will definitely find a game you like.

Bling2 Mod APK (Unlocked Room)


  • Tools and filters to enhance content creation
  • Go Livestream and express yourself, building your audience
  • Chat with friends online, follow, and block other users at will
  • Personalisation settings that allows you to decide the kind of contents visible to you as well as theme in use
  • 10+ different games you can play with your friends.


  • All unlocked
  • Unlocked Room
  • Screenshot allowed

Download the latest version 2.11.8 and enjoy bugs fix and app improvements. 

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