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Name Cashier 3D
Category Casual
Size 159.96MB
Version 55.5.0
Publisher Zynga
MOD Features Unlimited Cash
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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Cashier 3D Mod (Free Purchase, No Ads) — a casual mobile game that gives players a simulation of working as a cashier.


Going shopping is most people’s favourite hobby and many do wonder how it feels managing their own store. Cashier 3D is super fun to play and you get to experience what it takes to become a cashier.

Like most simulation games, it is designed in a first person view. You can only see what the virtual cashier is seeing on your screen.

Cashier 3D simulation is almost the same with other restaurant games you have played. In this, you get to manage not a restaurant but a shop.

Cashier 3D Mod (Unlimited Cash)


The gameplay is really simple. Each level comes with it’s own challenge, but they are easy to go through if you have a basic mathematical knowledge.

Customers will walk to you with their items and it’s up to you to finalize the purchase by collecting the cash and giving out the accurate change. The whole family can play, especially the younger ones to improve their mathematical skills.


There is only one game mode and a little level of customization. What makes this game more fun is the hundreds of levels you have to pass through, the higher players go, the harder the challenges.

You get to keep the money paid for purchase by the customers and with the money, you can perform shop upgrades. Every shop upgrade made introduces new products customers can buy, and that is definitely good for business.

Sometimes, you might run out of 1 dollar bill change to give to customers, no worries there, just switch and break down your $5 or $10 to $1 notes. Arrange each notes and coins you receive appropriately so it becomes easy for you to give out change when needed.


Customers are very loyal in keeping to payments, as you don’t get to experience shop lifting in Cashier 3D. Watch out for thieves though and call for police when necessary. Count the money as fast as you can so you don’t keep them wait. Always ensure customers are happy and avoid giving out the wrong change.

Sell old items and purchase new ones in upgrades. Each item has a price tag for easy identification for how much money is to be paid and change given. The more sales you make, the closer you are to unlocking new 3D items like grocery, toys, fruits, tin products and designer shoes.

Cashier 3D is just the right game for kids to learn how to count money and calculate change. Just like a hyper teacher!


  • Manage your store and prevent any loss
  • Know how to react in cases of robbery
  • Be strategic at any given situation
  • Varieties of challenges and hundred of levels to kill boredom
  • Be fast in counting to meet up with customers need on time.

Cashier 3D Mod (Unlimited Cash)


  • Unlimited Cash
  • Unlocked levels
  • Unlocked items
  • Free Purchase
  • No Ads

Download the latest version 55.5.0 and enjoy the new upgraded features.

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