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Name Combat Zone - FPS
ID com.AlfaBravo.CombatMaster
Category Action
Size 1.3 GB
Version 0.12.51
Publisher Alfa Bravo Inc.
MOD Features Unlimited Ammo
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Combat Zone (Unlimited Ammo, Max Attack and Defense) — An action packed mobile game that takes you into a battlefield  to take on other players online. Get yourself armed, sky dive into the arena, and prepare for a bloody gun battle.


Combat Zone is an action-packed battle royale game where different players come online to face each other in a free-for-all shooting, move around the battlefield, and gun down as many players as you can.

Be the last man standing in the battle field to win the game. Get into the map by skydiving from a jet and make use of your parachute to land safely. Jump from one building to another while scavenging for weapons and resources, and shooting any opponent you come across.

Dodge and hide behind walls to avoid the enemy’s bullets and change weapons freely throughout your play. Target opponents from a far range with the use of a sniper rifle and open crates in the arena to get more weapons. Upgrade your rank with every victory and get access to new weapons.

Combat Zone Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo, Max Attack)


Combat Zone is an arena where different pro players freely come to challenge themselves in a shooting battle. As one of these players, your goal is to avoid death and be the last man standing in this free for all shooter game.

Dive into the battlefield, prepare for an intense gun battle. Everyone is your opponent, so always watch your back as you run through the arena, ready to gun down anyone you come across.

At the top left corner of the screen, you can monitor the number of players remaining in the Combat Zone. Additionally, you can track the number of players you have eliminated so far in the game. Stay alive and be the last person standing to win.


Gear up and get into the battle zone with all kinds of weapons. Purchase and unlock different weapon sets available before the battle begins.

Make use of different types of guns such as revolvers, AK47s, pistols, M4s, and sniper rifles to take down your opponents. Alternatively, you can approach an enemy silently and execute them with a sword or dagger.

Combat Zone Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo, Max Attack)

You can acquire additional ammunition in the arena from crates and eliminated enemies. Reload your weapons promptly after defeating an opponent to prevent running low on ammo during intense moments. Note that a headshot is the most effective way to aim against your opponent.


Customize your game character and wear any cool outfits of your choice. Level up your rank with each game you play to access new weapons and increase your battle experience.

Combat Zone offers realistic graphic display. All details are clearly presented in all maps available. The visual quality is amazing, giving you a better battle experience. The controls are easy to use and very responsive.

Change configurations in the settings and make any adjustment if necessary. Play and enjoy the action with friends.

Combat Zone Mod APK (Unlimited Ammo, Max Attack)


  • Real life gadgets, weapons, and battle kits to make use of in combat
  • Variety of maps to explore as you battle other players online
  • Realistic game arenas and characters
  • Easy controls and great visuals
  • Easy game configuration


This is the modified version of Combat Zone apk. It offers the following features:

  • Unlimited Ammo
  • Unlimited money
  • Max Defense
  • Max Attack
  • Pro pack

Download the latest version, 0.12.51, of Combat Zone Mod Apk and enjoy your gameplay with mod features listed above.

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