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Name Defense Derby
ID com.krafton.defensederby
Category Strategy
Size 477.8 MB
Version 1.211.01
Publisher KRAFTON Inc
MOD Features Unlimited Resources
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Defense Derby Mod (Unlimited Derby Chip) — The ultimate battle royale strategy game with a bingo attack system that brings fun and tower defense together, unlike any game you have ever encountered.


Tower defense mobile games is one of the coolest strategy mobile game genre there is. Players must do everything within their power, crafting different strategies in defense in order to win the game.

In Defense Derby, you are to unlock heroes and recruit units withing your tower 9 slots. Strategically place your units in a way that makes taking out of monsters and enemies easy. Any damage taken by your tower is crucial as it’s all game over when your castle health is 100% depleted.

Win amazing rewards as you participate in  daily quests and weekly challenges. There are different resources you will find useful like gold and elixir as they can be used to carryout update on units and increase their strength.

Defense Derby Mod Apk (Unlimited Derby Chip)


Defense Derby is an online game that brings players together in the ultimate tower defense. Players matched together are not to defend a tower together but separately. The player with his tower still standing at the end of different waves of monsters win.

Every game requires 4 players as they go up against each other scouting for the best units to defend their tower. From time to time after each wave, units will be scouted and presented to players, the player with the highest bid on the unit wins the unit to his side.

There are different units and heroes in Defense Derby, ranging from Archer to Swordsman, Meow Mage as well as Wizard. Every unit has a special ability, making them unique with special roles to play in Defense Derby.

Defense Derby Mod (Unlimited Gold)


Go global and challenge other players with increase in difficulty as you rise through the ranks. Battle for the top spot in your league and earn amazing rewards ranging from Elixir and Gold to unique castle skin.

The deployment strategy of Defense Derby takes a Bingo 3X3 style. Align 3 of your units of similar fraction and attack range in a straight line and experience an increased attack and maximized synergy effect.

Playing Defense Derby requires a agreement to a certain terms and conditions which you should take time to read. As much as this is not mandatory to play the game, you can revoke it anytime you want.


Going up against friends and online opponents in Defense Derby is not a must as the game is also based on PVE (Player Versus Environment). PVE games allow players to play against the game itself and not with physical opponents.

There are over 20 units and heroes for you to meet and unlock. Each of them is unique, possessing different weapons like bow and arrow, sword, and dark magic.

As you move higher in rank, upgrade your heroes so they get scouted for you at higher levels. You can merge similar units together and combine their levels. Earn amazing rewards as well as heroes skin. The most engaging tower defense game awaits you

Defense Derby Mod APK (Unlimited Elixir)


  • 4 on 4 players tower defense battle royal
  • Bingo 3X3 deployment strategy with advantage to attack and defense
  • Over 100 heroes and Units to be unlocked and used in battle
  • Follow through the guardian’s journey and battle players globally
  • PVE battle, allowing players to play against the game itself instead of other online players.


  • Unlimited Derby Chip
  • Unlimited Gold
  • Unlimited Elixir
  • Unlocked Skins

Download the latest version 1.211.01 and join other players online in a tower defense contest. 

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