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Name Dino Bash
ID com.pokokostudio.dinobash
Category Strategy
Size 75MB
Version 1.9.5
Publisher Tilting Point
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
Rating Score
Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
check_circle Positive feedback from the community

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Dino Bash Mod (Unlimited Gems/Diamonds) — a game of strategy and fight for survival. Gather up an army of dinosaurs and defend all you have and stand for against threats.


The chosen one is finally here, born in an unsafe world, it must be protected till it hatch. Welcome to the world of dinosaurs, where your survival is threatened by a colony of cave men.

As a new player of Dino Bash, you will get to watch a short game clip that will get you started properly. From the beginning levels, the chosen one is an egg which you must protect at all cost till it hatch.

There are so many dangers on the horizon. Create an army of dinosaurs and fight back the hungry cave men who are out to destroy all dinosaurs.

Dino Bash Mod (Unlimited Diamonds)


The cave men are relentless and will do anything within their power to get what they want. Watch out for shielders, healers and shooters, these kind of cave men should be of most concern as they are more dangerous than the first you will encounter.

On the right part of your screen, you will find bombs you can use to take them out. You will find every bomb you unlock and equip there. To use, click and slide the bomb you want to deploy, to your target.

There are different bombs available with different damage range. As you advance in levels, you will get to know each of them and their damage strength. Equip Volcano Bomb and destroy all cavemen within it’s range of destruction. You also have hidden bomb, well of course it’s hidden, and many different others.


Dino Bash is a strategic game as you have come to know, you must think through every actions. There are different kind of dinosaurs you can use in battle, every dinosaur specie has its own form of attack and health strength.

The first dinosaur you will come to know is Snappy, it is a little rascal which gives out little damage to enemies. Deploy Raptors when you have the requirement ready, cavemen hate them for sure. Other dinosaurs you can deploy includes Spitty and T-Rex.

To deploy dinosaurs, you need apples. Apples are free in the game and the apple tree provides all you will need. Upgrade the tree with apples to increase the rate of production. Do not forget to upgrade your dinosaurs, the stronger they become, the better for you.

Dino Bash Mod (Unlimited Diamonds)


Dino Bash is a 2D game, it features all of the extinct lizards. Journey through jungles, volcanos and cavemen abode as you find a safe home.

There are so many levels to pass, each level comes with different locations to explore and a different story. There is a reward for every level you complete, claim the rewards which includes lots of coins and stars. These stars helps you to upgrade from one level to another and earn diamonds.

Make necessary upgrades as you advance to prepare for boss levels. Boss levels are always the toughest. Help the dinosaurs survive!


  • Over 100 levels to complete
  • Earn coins and diamonds to make upgrades
  • Defend the eggs from the hungry cavemen
  • Destroy your enemies by dropping bombs on them
  • Different dinosaurs you love are present for use in battle

Dino Bash Mod (Unlimited Diamonds)


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Unlimited Diamonds


There is a brand new flying dino: Chickosaur! He will speed up your shots by 10%.

We celebrate Chickosaur with an event! For 1 week we have:

  • infinite lives
  • daily quest rewards will be doubled
  • Chickosaur is on sale for 30%

Take the chance to get the new dino!

Download the latest version 1.9.5 for bugs fix and new mod features.

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