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Name iPhone 15 Dynamic Island - dynamicSpot
ID com.jamworks.dynamicspot
Category Tools
Size 4.1MB
Version 1.80
Publisher Jawomo
MOD Features Premium Unlocked
Requires android Android 9.0 expand_more
android Android 9.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Dynamic Spot Mod (iPhone 15 Dynamic Island)[Pro] — An amazing tools application that brings the significant dynamic island feature of the iPhone 14 and 15 series to your Android. It includes various iOS features and accessibility functions for your notification tab.


Dynamic Spot is an Android application that provides ultimate accessibility to every operation on your device. It functions as a shortcut tool and can be customized for every app on your phone, from your music player to other app notifications.

This app brings several advantages from iPhone 15 to Android users. It helps efficiently with time management, phone screenshots, and phone settings, eliminating the need to go through multiple applications.

Navigating through apps and responding to messages has never been made faster and easier. With just a click on the dynamic pill or notch, you can quickly access different applications or switch between songs on your playlist and respond to messages on different social applications.

Dynamic Spot Mod APK (iPhone 15 Dynamic Island)[PRO]


Dynamic Spot helps you access various notifications and pop-ups directly from the top of your Android phone. You can receive messages and respond to them using the notification pop-up provided by the Dynamic Spot app.

Apart from receiving notifications, you can also control your music player in a dynamic way just like with the iPhone 14 and iPhone 15. Right from the dynamic island, you can check the duration of the song that is playing, next songs, set shuffle or play once, and carry out other functions of your music player.


You don’t need to continue receiving distractions from notification pop-ups through your normal Android notification settings. Dynamic Spot is here with the new and improved iOS dynamic island feature.

It hides beneath your front camera as a black pill that you can tap to display apps. Long-press to expand and access further details of notifications. It provides information about every notification and then hides again.

You can choose to keep this black pill visible at all times by attaching a live activity to it. Alternatively, you can decide to hide the dynamic island pill and set it to only appear when a notification comes through.

Dynamic Spot Mod APK (iPhone 15 Dynamic Island)[PRO]


From dynamic Spot settings, you can activate the live activity option. This allows you to add an app shortcut to the black pill or notch (whichever you choose to use). With a click on the pill, you will see every app shortcut you have added, providing a quick and convenient way to access apps on your phone. Get access to all your favorite apps with just a tap!

Apart from the live activity you can set up, from the dynamic island you can send and reply messages, play songs and even record directly.


You can customize this app and make several changes to its settings and functions. Make changes to the color, appearance, visualization, and many others. As a user, you also get to control which app is to be accessed right from the dynamic island. Dynamic island live activities feature.

Dynamic Spot is not only limited to the popular dynamic island pill design; you can choose to turn it into a notch to appear cool at the top of your phone. There is also a setting in the app that you can use to control the size and appearance of the dynamic island. You can choose to hide your notification or leave it shown at the top. Make changes to suit your style!

Dynamic Spot Mod (iPhone 15 Dynamic Island)[PRO]


  • Get the latest iPhone 15 dynamic island
  • Access all your favorite apps from just a tap
  • Perform several app functions just from your popup
  • Show charging percent, timer countdown, songs playing, message notifications, etc
  • Customize the appearance of your Dynamic Spot and also make suitable settings
  • Create shortcuts for several apps.


  • Premium Unlocked
  • PRO Features of iPhone 15 Dynamic Island


The popup can now show the download progress for some apps!

You can now reverse message order to show oldest message on top!

  • Reduced battery consumption even further
  • Translations updated
  • Fixes & optimizations

Download the latest version, 1.80, and enjoy all features the app brings to you.

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    A major iphone 15 feature on Android, I love it.