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Name eFootball™ 2023
ID jp.konami.pesam
Publisher KONAMI
Category Sports
MOD Features Unlimited Exp
Version 7.3.2
Size 2.72GB
Price FREE
Requires Android 7.0+
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eFootball 2023 Mod (Unlimited EXP) — a sports mobile game that takes virtual football gaming to a whole new level!


Football fans and none fans, get ready to hop in one of the best football game for mobile android phone. Look up your storage and confirm you have up to 4GB space free. If you don’t have the storage, you need to create to play eFootball 2023.

Players of previous season may have more insight on how the 2023 season is going to be. Football is always among one of the best sports ever and eFootball 23 keeps this true.

Unlike the previous 22 version, the new update comes with improved user experience and home menu.


Dive right in the online league and become a part of the new season. Good news to previous season players, you do not get to lose your cards. All players stats are updated to their real time performance.

Create your own ultimate team and buy your favorite players from their actual club to yours and form the unbeatable squad. There are hundreds of players from all major clubs all over the world. Form your squad with Messi. Ronaldo C., Neymar and the rest of the best.


At the start of eFootball 2023, players will get to see the game’s motto: the pitch is ours. The game has various modes that can assist the player to become the best and improve his skills.

There’s training mode where you can spend some free time to learn and practice new tricks, formations and strategies. Create new memories with your friends as you take them on 1v1 online matches. Prove your strength!


Every match you play has it’s own rewards for victory. Unlock new player cards to your ultimate team, earn Exp (experience points) and upgrade your footballers.

There are various leagues, like the La Liga and EPL, pick a club and begin your journey to become the league champion.

The controls of the game is very easy. Each main attribute or command button is labelled on your screen, like pass, shoot, cross and press. Make use of the movement analog on your screen to control players to the opponent’s goal. Tired of a player or want to work up something new? Pause the game and make necessary changes that fits your play, like substitution and formation.


To make the game more fun, eFootball has come up with more exciting challenges in the new update. These challenges are weekly, and rewards are given on completion.

NOTE: To play, you need a good internet connection. Without an online connection, it is not possible to be a part of the eFootball gaming community. Download and have fun.


  • Mega Hit
  • Accuracy Angle Goal
  • Cancel a Match (Activate it on online matches if you’re losing.)

Download the latest version 7.4.0 for bugs fix and all new features and challenges.

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eFootball™ 2023 v 7.4.0
MOD Unlimited Exp

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