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FIFA 24 Mobile Mod (UEFA Champions League) — 2024 football season is almost here with different new features coming to the football game of FIFA. This sports mobile game is twice fun than you can imagine.


Football is very much one of the the most popular and played sports in the world. It’s fun and exciting to play. Following the birth of FIFA Mobile, which allows players to join in the game of football using their mobile phone, football has never been the same.

This is a good upgrade to the sport as FIFA 24 Mobile gives players the feel of participating in international matches and global football challenges. Scout for players and ready up your starting 11 to challenge other players in the world as well as engage in offline tournaments.

All clubs of popular leagues are recognized and featured in this FIFA Mobile game. The players are not left out as well. There are over 15,000 players for you to choose your starting 11 from for MY TEAM (ULTIMATE TEAM).


Just like previous seasons of FIFA Mobile, MY TEAM which is know as Ultimate Team is a game mode that sets up gamers with a team of their own. You have full control over this team, from making managerial decisions to playing actual matches with your squad.

As a new player, you definitely won’t begin with the best football stars in your team. Grow from ground to the top as you win matches, trophies, earn money, scout and recruit amazing players to increase your team’s OVR.

In My Team mode, you can choose the league you wish to play in, ranging from La Liga in Spain, to EPL in England. Choose a club and begin your journey.


If you don’t wish to play MY TEAM, you can fix quick matches, or play leagues and championship tournaments on its own. These are separate modes that can be accessed anytime.

La Liga, Seria A, English Premier League and so many other leagues are here for you. UEFA Champions League tournament is here as well. Participate in tournaments and prove you are the best in FIFA Mobile by winning every single one of them.

This new FIFA 24 Mobile comes with FIFA World Cup Qatar of 2022. Choose a country’s football team and win through matches to becoming the world cup champion.


Apart from controlling players to score opponent’s goal and win, you can work on your team’s formation. Everything you need as a Manager of your squad is here, ranging from Defensive 5-4-1 formation to Attack formation. Surely you can substitute players anytime, but you should note you have a limit of 3 subs each game.

You can set up offside trap for your opponent or direct your team players to mark opponent’s. There are a lot of things you can do when it comes to managing your club. You should know that the formations and changes you make can positively or negatively influence your game.


There’s an improvement to the visuals and audio of FIFA 24 Mobile. Commentary is smoother than previous seasons of FIFA Mobile. All details from spectators, stadium, football pitch to the football players are clearly presented in an amazing 3D visual.

Just like others before the 2024 season, the controls is split on your screen. The left hand side holds the buttons for movement and the right side is to perform basic football actions. Apart from the movement control, the rest are properly labelled so there’s no room for confusion when you want to carryout an action.


  • UEFA champions league 2024 season
  • FIFA World Cup Qatar is part of cups you can play
  • Over 15,000 football players including Erling Haaland of Man City, Neymar Jr. of PSG, Mendy of Chelsea and so many others
  • My Team and different game modes
  • Play with or against your friends in online Multiplayer
  • Daily quests and challenges
  • Transfer Window update; current club’s roster from starting 11 to substitutes

Join in the waiting list and prepare for an amazing football gaming experience with FIFA 24 MOBILE.

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