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Name Forest Of The Blue Skin
ID com.forest.tik
Category Casual
Size 30.6 MB
Version 6.0.2
Publisher Zell2323
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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Forest Of The Blue Skin Mod (Unlimited lives) — The perfect casual mobile game for a boredom get away. Create you own story as you venture through a forest of constant danger.


This game takes you to a world of constant surprises. Survive through all the dangers using your skills, attributes, and wisdom. Beware, some creatures in the Forest of the blue skin is not as cute as they look.

Be careful as you thread through this dark forest. Explore different terrains as you hunt for treasures and everything worthwhile. Create your very own story and go on amazing quests in this fun casual game.

The game is very simple, controls simple, attack and defense simple, you do not need a tutorial to get started. As you journey through the forest, you get to discover new and amazing things your character can do. You also get to meet different mutated female looking creatures, they are absolutely not friendly.

Forest Of The Blue Skin Mod APK (Unlimited lives)


Forest Of The Blue Skin is solely based on female characters, the character you are controlling is the only male identity present. All the cute mutated monsters you will be fighting along the way are of female nature.

There are over 20 different breed of monsters you will meet on your journey. Some of them are just very easy to deal with, others not so much. They are not friendly, that you need to understand.

Monsters in Forest of the blue skin comes in different looks and with unique powers. There’s a particular breed that flies, one is a water shape shift (easy to take out), another is a tree that shoots out poisonous gas. As easy as the game is, there are various boss level of monsters that are just difficult to pass through.

Forest Of The Blue Skin Mod APK (Unlimited lives)


Forest Of The Blue Skin is a simple adventure game that comes with no story in particular. As you venture through the dangerous forest, create your own quest and complete it. Crafting out a mission is very easy. Some mission ideas you can work with is eliminating a particular number of a particular breed of monsters.

You will also get to meet some friendlies in the game, but not as much as you meet dangers. Most friendlies are not interactive and the ones that are, are quite helpful for directions and guide.

Explore forbidden temples, climb mountains and trees, find treasures, and learn new skills as you venture through the dark forest. Skills you acquire in the game are helpful in combat. Your adventure awaits in Forest Of The Blue Skin Mod. The mod version takes the game to a whole new level of fun.

Forest Of The Blue Skin Mod (Unlimited lives)


  • A vast virtual world that allow players to create their own story and quest
  • Over 20 different breed of monsters, from small to boss level. All female mutants are of different looks and with unique powers
  • Different terrain to explore like mountains, temples, caves and huge trees
  • Meet friendlies and acquire powers you can use in combat


  • Unlimited Lives
  • Unlocked skills and attributes

Download the latest version 6.0.2 and enjoy improved gameplay and bugs fix. 

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