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Name Haunted Laia
ID air.com.darkdome.haunted.laia
Category Puzzle
Size 52.19MB
Version 1.0.34
Publisher Dark Dome
MOD Features Unlocked
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Haunted Laia Mod (Unlocked) — A unique puzzle game with horrific stories. Solve all riddles and challenges to help your family escape the Hidden Town.


This is the fifth sequel of the Hidden Town Escape game. It takes you through a story of a family, Laia’s family, moving into the Hidden Town and facing various challenges.

Strange events and demonic presence emerges in their new home, leading to the disappearance of the family with no trace, and their home haunted.

It is your mission to help Laia and her family escape the Hidden Town. Solve mysteries and challenging puzzles in this new story to escape the dark and haunted town.

Haunted Laia Mod (Unlocked)


The game, Haunted Laia, offers a unique storyline with horrors and terrifying events. It takes you into a strange town with your family being lost in the afterlife.

The legends and the mysteries which the Hidden Town holds are true. Find a way to escape from the hands of darkness by any means necessary.

Progress through different huddles of the dark to escape the horrors. Become your family’s hero, saving them from the Shadows and bringing them back to light.

Your story is guided by every step you take. Finish up the puzzles and end your adventure in a unique way.


Haunted Laia is a game filled with different mysteries and challenges. Pass through various huddles and obstacles by solving one mystery after the other.

Be faced with puzzles of different difficult levels and pass them with good instincts. Answer riddles to the best of your ability and escape the dark.

Do what it takes to survive every rooms in the afterlife to get out alive. The life of your family depends on you and every decision you make.

Haunted Laia Mod (Unlocked)


The game has an amazing graphics and also horrifying displays, showing off it’s story tales. It has several terrifying events with great character match ups.

The sound effects and tones of the game also match up to make the game exciting to play. Solve all mysteries and see how it all turns out for you.

You can also play bonus challenges and mini missions in Haunted Laia. Find and collect all hidden owls in different locations of the game.


  • Discover terrifying secrets and mysteries held in the Hidden Town as you advance in the game’s story
  • Solve puzzles and riddles from one level to another, to escape the haunted house
  • Help your family out of the afterlife by completing all levels in this scary adventure game
  • Find clues and also put items together as you progress
  • Solve mini challenges and also play bonus levels

Haunted Laia Mod (Unlocked)


  • Unlocked
  • Unlimited hints

Download the latest version 1.0.34 and enjoy premium haunted house experience. The latest version brings in new improvements (bugs fix)to the game. 

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