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Name Hybrid Animals
ID com.abstractsoft.hybridanimals
Publisher Abstract Software Inc
Category Simulation
MOD Features Free Shopping
Version 200567
Size 56.13 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1+
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Hybrid Animals Mod (Free Shopping) — a simulation mobile game of the unusual animals match up and hybrid.


Bring your imagination into reality as you test out different weird animals match up for the ultimate animal battle. Hybrid Animals is a game that allows players to match up different animals together and produce hybrid.

Match up Dwarf and snake to get beared cobra and use him in battles on the ultimate showdown.


Explore your options, choose a father and mother and wait for the hybrid surprise. There are over 20 animals available.

In the home menu, players can use Laboratory to see what unique hybrids they can create and how well they can use them in servers.

You can chose a bunny to be the father and a star fish to be the mother to produce an hopping fish. The game is exciting as you can use your hybrids in different game modes like death match.


There are various game modes players can play. To access the different game modes, you need to create a server or join other players server.

Just like mini-militia, you get to play alongside or against other players in the server you are in.

Death match mode is a 6 minutes game that brings players together in a battle for the highest number of kills. Move round the map to find powerful weapons and dominant. Pick up the god sword and slice through other players.

Put your creativity to play as you team up with other players in team death match and work out the perfect strategy to dominate the map. Battle begins ones the time starts counting, if you get killed, you will be re-spawned. The battle comes to an end when the time hits 0:00. Are you up for the best animal hybrid challenge?


  • Personal laboratory to test out different hybrids.
  • Over 20 animals to experiment with.
  • Create server or join other servers.
  • Play with friends with wifi connection.
  • Different game modes to play.


  • Use skill points casually
  • No ads
  • Free Shopping (During the battle, find the sales NPC to buy it for free)

Download the latest version 200567 for bugs fix and all new features and animals.

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Hybrid Animals v 200567
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