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Name Jurassic World The Game Mod
ID com.ludia.jurassicworld
Category Simulation
Size 47.75 MB
Version 1.70.8
Publisher Ludia Inc
MOD Features Free Purchase
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
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Jurassic World The Game Mod (Free Shopping) — A simulation mobile game that takes you to a park of Dinosaurs for a whole new adventure.


Dinosaurs were one of the most fascinating creatures that walked the earth, and guess what, they are back!

Dinosaurs are Known to be extinct, but the professor has surprised us with their presence in the newly opened Jurassic World. This dinosaur simulation game is developed by Ludia Inc. and takes the story and concept of the popular Jurassic Park movie.

Have you watched the Jurassic Park movie? In the film, dinosaurs, once known and recognized as extinct creatures, are brought back to life through a lab experiment. A group of scientists creates a home for them called Jurassic Park. In Jurassic World: The Game, the park is yours to manage. You are tasked with breeding different dinosaur species and taking care of them.

Jurassic World The Game Mod APK (Free Shopping, Unlimited Money)


Jurassic World the game is fun and free to play. It is a mobile game that has dinosaurs with gigantic size. You can play it on your android smartphone or tablet and it will provide you with an experience of what the dinosaurs were like in the Jurassic Park movie.

The dinosaurs are back and we have to build a dinosaur park for them to stay in.

The world of Jurassic is full of mysteries. There are more than 150 different species of dinosaurs in this game. The idea is to build a park and design it in a way it meets with the standard of living of dinosaurs.


Create a battle arena for these Jurassic creatures and experience ground shaking fights. Engage your dinosaur in 1 Vs 1 battle and watch the prehistoric creatures overcome their opponents.

Dinosaurs are known to have been about 20 feet tall, with a huge head and jaws capable of biting through stone. The battles between dinosaurs in this game are certainly intense and bloody.

Jurassic World The Game Mod APK (Free Shopping, Unlimited Money)


For your dinosaur to win battles, they should be stronger. That means you need to upgrade your dinosaurs to make them stronger. You don’t need to engage them in battle before you can upgrade them, you can do it yourself. Turn your dinosaurs into stronger and better beasts by feeding them daily and enhancing their good genes.

Some of these species are available for free in the game when you begin newly. You can unlock others as a reward or purchase them through card packs. To get access to all dinosaur species, you need to spend money, but with Jurassic World Mod version, you will be able to unlock all dinosaurs.

Yes like I said earlier, you need to feed your dinosaurs to upgrade them, but the food is limited. With the mod version, you will get unlimited food and resources. You will also get unlimited coins to upgrade your park to the maximum.


The graphics is so amazing that you do not want to stop playing .

The dinosaurs are really beautiful and they have a great design and details. They look really attractive and like real-life dinosaurs!

Jurassic World The Game Mod APK (Free Shopping, Unlimited Money)


  • Free shopping (When buying, you will lose connection but the game will still save what you bought).
  • Don’t buy cash in the “Resources” shop.

Download Jurassic World The Game MOD APK version 1.71.6 today and experience a world of epic Jurassic battle.

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