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Name Lords Mobile
ID com.igg.android.lordsmobile
Category Strategy
Size 64.07 MB
Version 2.121
Publisher IGG COM
MOD Features Unlimited Gems
Requires android Android 4.1 expand_more
android Android 4.1
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
check_circle Positive feedback from the community

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Lords Mobile Mod (Unlimited Everything, Free Shopping) – Establish your kingdom and engage in online battles in this classic strategy game. Follow through the storyline of a fallen kingdom rising to glory. Battle against different enemy territories and conquer various kingdoms while building yours.


The story of Lords Mobile begins in a peaceful kingdom ruled by a great Emperor who possesses the power to slay dragons, defeat evil beasts, and unite kingdoms. However, with the fall of the Emperor and the tragic end of his lineage, the once peaceful world is now filled with chaos.

The kingdoms have been divided and now you are the hero who is to unite them all. Build your kingdom from scratch and grow your city as you venture into other kingdoms battling against their evil rulers and expanding yours.

Battle against enemies that oppose the peace of your kingdom, take over theirs and build yours to be greater. Defeat evil forces plotting to take over the Emperor’s throne and protect your kingdom from attack.

Lords Mobile Mod (Unlimited Everything, Free Shopping)


There are lots of powerful heroes in Lords Mobile that can be of great help in battle. Some of these heroes are fairytale creatures like dwarves, elves, giants, mermaids, human knights and other powerful beasts.

Select as many heroes as you will need for a stronger battle force. Strategize with your assembled forces for battles and decide which heroes to position at different parts of the battleground.

As you progress, level up your game, upgrade armies, upgrade your heroes, and expand your kingdom’s territory. Form alliances with other kingdoms to increase battle force as you fight against enemy forces.


All through your kingdom lie different collectibles that can aid you in battle. Collect various resources to purchase powerful weapons capable of inflicting higher damage during battles

Unlock different artifacts and take advantage of their magical powers during battle. Upgrade your heroes, weapons, and these artifacts to increase efficiency and power.

Purchase machine guns, laser shooters and other explosives that can help wipe out a whole army. Upgrade these high tech weapons to have great damage effect on enemies.

Lords Mobile Mod (Unlimited Everything, Free Shopping)


Try out battles online as you forge alliances with other players worldwide and go into battle against others. Join forces with players online as you combine your army with theirs, wiping out opposition with doubled strength.

Conquer different kingdoms to expand yours and make greater heroes. Top your ranking on Lords Mobile online leaderboard as you clash with other players.

While you can join forces with other players, you’ll also encounter enemies online. Go up against different players, conquer their kingdoms, and take over their land.


  • Build and grow your kingdom from scratch.
  • Recruit different heroes and go on formidable battles with the best strategies.
  • Form alliances with other kingdoms to increase your battle force.
  • Unlock different artifacts that will be useful for battle.
  • Engage in online battles to challenge and be challenged by players globally while forming bonds with different kingdoms.

Lords Mobile Mod (Unlimited Everything, Free Shopping)


  • Auto Battle PVE
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlock Vip  Features
  • Army ATK, DEF and also MAX HP boost by 10%
  • Speed of Travel increase by 10%
  • Get 50% boost of Player Experience
  • Increase production of food, stone, ore and gold by 25%
  • Unlimited Everything
  • Free Shopping

Rule and expand your kingdom with all new features of version 2.121.

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