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ID com.volcanoforce.lost.global
Publisher Volcano Force
Category Adventure
MOD Features Map Hack
Version 1.129.1
Size 995.61 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4+
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Lost in Blue Mod (Map Hack) — a classic adventure game where players have to survive as long as possible in a dangerous island. Survival for the fittest! Survive by finding resources and crafting weapons.


This game has some similarities to survival horror games. At the beginning of play, you will find yourself in an island with no way out and you must find resources to survive.

As a survivor trapped with no food and no resources, you will need to go hunting for food and other needed items. You have limited ammo and you can only use one item at a time. Most importantly, you also have to craft items and fight diverse creatures and other players too.

You will see how the island develops as you progress through it. The island is built up in stages, with each stage having its own challenges and dangers for you to overcome. All this is done with great detail so that you can get a feel for what the island looks like from an experience point of view. There are different areas for you to explore in Lost in Blue and the game gets harder as you advance deep into the island.

The game is a suspenseful, thrilling and challenging experience. You can dive into the deepest part of the sea and hunt for treasures, but beware of sharks and other sea monsters.

The game has a simple interface: you can look at your map and move around the sea floor. The map shows how deep you have gone into the sea and what treasures are hiding in them.

This is an online game and like every other online game, you can play with your friends. Find items, treasure and survive alongside your friends. Create unforgettable memories.


  • Map Speed Multi [1-3]

Download LOST in Blue MOD APK (Map Hack/Mod Menu) v1.129.1.

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LOST in BLUE v 1.129.1
MOD Map Hack

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