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Name Minecraft Legends
Category Arcade
Size 1GB
Publisher Mojang
MOD Features god mode
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Minecraft Legends Mod (God Mode, One Hit Kill) — An adventure of violence and unity awaits you in this fun, arcade, strategic mobile game. From the developers of Minecraft comes a new story of legends.


The story of Minecraft Legends tells of a peaceful world in which everyone coexists together in unity. There is no fear of roaring creatures, grunting, and crackling of bones here, yet.

Players should be ready to write their own story as they experience a beautiful world turning into a nightmare. Minecraft Legends tells a tale of heroes rising to oppose the danger. This tale is likely unknown to any from the past; it’s neither fiction nor fantasy.

The peace of Overworld has been disturbed by the Piglins invaders. These snotty mud lovers are out destroying everything in their path and causing unrest to the peaceful villagers.

Minecraft Legends Mod APK (god mode, one hit kill)


Players of Minecraft over the years have come up with the best stories of friendship, war, and adventure. Minecraft is well known for its open world and flexibility. Anything is possible.

Minecraft Legends is a bit different from the popular Minecraft you have known. This game comes with its own unique story and maintains the open-world design. There are many locations to explore as the story takes you on an adventure of becoming a hero.

Piglins are the main villains of the story, and your job is to put an end to their reign. Gather up an army as you march forward towards the portal through which the Piglins come to your world. Arm yourself and your comrades with the strongest weapons available to stop the spread of the Piglins’ Nether corruption.

Minecraft Legends Mod APK (god mode, one hit kill)


It’s not what you are thinking. There is no made knight, wizard or dragon fighter waiting to be selected for battle. The options available are all unique to Minecraft. This journey of becoming a legend begins from the ground level, and your actions determine how strong and forceful your character will become.

Only four characters are available to choose from. Each character is unique and therefore has its own story. Yes, they are fun and full of action, but their way of life is different.

The first available character for now is the villager. You might ask how a common villager will battle ravenous Piglins—don’t worry, play the game to find out. Another selectable character is the Zombie. Zombies are naturally dangerous, and this time you will become one for your adventure.

Monster Legends introduces two animal characters players can use: llamas and piglins. You already know the piglins. As a llama, your special power is your spit; you will be surprised how much damage you can deal out with only spits.


A whole new interface for easy navigation, distinct from what you’re accustomed to. Currently, only the Story Mode adventure is playable; additional modes will be introduced in future updates.

Ready player, you are about to face a whole new danger, different from the ones you know. Without weapons, destruction is certain for you. Monster legends come with powerful weapons and magical aid that will increase your attack and defense.

The gameplay is lovable. Pick a character, read through the details, and begin your adventure. Battle the villain and different bosses, claim golds, and different rewards. It’s an open world; there are a million ways you can go about your story.

Minecraft Legends Mod APK (god mode, One Hit Kill)


  • A tale of heroism, unity and invasion. A story mode you will enjoy and love
  • Different characters with different storylines to choose from
  • Tools and weapons of mass destruction to use in battle
  • Open world of Overworld has a lot of locations to explore and treasures to discover
  • A playable Animal character
  • Online mode to combine strength with other players
  • An unending adventure


  • Unlimited gold
  • god mode
  • One hit kill
  • Unlocked locations and weapons
  • Unlimited resources
  • Increase strength
  • Increase health
  • Wide map

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