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Name Mortal Kombat: Onslaught
Category Role Playing
Size 103MB
Version 1.0.1
Publisher Warner Bros International Enterprises
MOD Features Unlimited MK coins
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Mortal Kombat Onslaught Mod (Unlimited Skull and Master Orb) — A real time role playing game of unending Kombat. Be a part of the ultimate Kombat as you journey through NetherRealm on a quest to stop Shinnok’s evil plans.


Different from every other Mortal Kombat game you have ever played on your mobile, Mortal Kombat Onslaught introduces a whole new combat mechanics. Gather up cards and fill your hero Kollection as you go 5 on 5 against opponents.

The game brings in a whole new story that is centered on characters you know; Scorpion, Johnny Cage, Sonya Blade, Scarlet, and Cyber Smoke. Journey through different chapters as you go on a quest to stop Shinnok.

There is no reason for you to get bored with Mortal Kombat Onslaught as there are so many different levels you can play. Unlock new characters and upgrade the ones you have to increase their battle experience. This is the perfect PvP online game for you and your friends!

Mortal Kombat Onslaught Mod (Unlimited Orbs)


Mortal Kombat games are known for their unique and action packed storylines. Just like pervious game releases of MK, Mortal Kombat Onslaught features a story mode with attractive cinematics.

Follow through the story as you combine different characters together to overcome challenges. There you different bosses you are going to meet as you advance from one chapter to another. The main boss of the story is Shinnok and you are going to do everything possible to stop his evil plans.


This game features the highest number of fighters and warriors you have ever seen in MK. Your favorite characters are retained and new ones are added to them. Kollect Shao Kang Warrior card and instill fear into your opponents. Liu Kang, Katana, Sonia, Jax, Scorpion, Sub Zero and other popular characters of MK are also part of the action.

Lin Kuei cybers are all present and you can summon them to add to your Kollection. MK Summon is a part of Mortal Kombat Onslaught that allows players to summon a random character on any warrior level. The higher the warrior level, the lower the possibility of you summoning the card.

There are different levels of summon and all depends on you. Cyber Smoke Summon, Deadeye Erron Black Summon, and other warriors summon requires different amount of skull orbs. Summoning is not free just so you know.

Mortal Kombat Onslaught Mod (Unlimited Orbs)


Get ready for the best Mortal Kombat battle experience with 4 classic game modes of Mortal Kombat Onslaught.


Battle in ARENA and go up against opponents online including your friends. Select your 5 strongest fighters in PvP battles in order to increase your chances of victory. Fighting is automated, but manual actions is necessary to perform finishers and fatalities.


STORY mode features a lot of cinematic scenes which are displayed to players as they move from one Chapter battle to another. Characters you can use in story mode is not limited to your hero Kollection.


BOSS TOWERS is a classic mode that takes players through different levels of increasing difficulty. There are four bosses you can go up against; Goro, Quan Chi, Scarlet, and Liu Kang. Select your preferred boss, complete levels and earn amazing rewards which may include MK coins, Veteran tomes, and Master Orbs.

The 4th and last KONQUER mode is CHASM.


Everyday you play Mortal Kombat Onslaught, you get to claim a daily reward. You do not want to miss daily rewards as you can use rewards to boost your game and upgrade your fighters.

There are two types of quest in MK Onslaught: Daily and Weekly quest. Daily quests are shorter and easier to complete than weekly quests. Complete all available for exciting rewards and get a whole new batch of missions the next day.

Mortal Kombat Onslaught Mod (Unlimited Orbs)


  • New and Old MK fighters to be collected including Liu Kang, Raiden, and Deadeye Erron Black
  • Konquer mode to keep the action going. Play Arena, Story, Boss Towers, or Chasm
  • Daily and Weekly quest to complete for exciting rewards
  • A unique storyline with a classic Kombat cinematics and graphics.


  • Unlimited MK coins
  • Unlimited Skull and Master Orbs
  • Unlocked Characters
  • Unlimited Health

Download the new version 1.0.1 of Mortal Kombat Onslaught and become a part of the action.

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