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Name Nations of Darkness
ID com.allstarunion.nod
Category Strategy
Size 173.68MB
Version 1.11.9
Publisher StarFortune
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Nations of Darkness Mod (Unlimited Diamonds/Gems) — A strategy mobile game that is based on the rebirth of a supernatural world after it’s destruction decades ago. Engage in different battle as you make it your duty to protect the people in your city.


Our world has been hit by meteorites from space, no where is exactly the same as they once was. The meteorite brought with them some weird crystals that have powers like none you have ever seen.

Build up your supernatural kingdom and unlock your heroes of which are the princes of darkness, shrouded in mystique. Vampires, Werewolf, Hunter, Mage and so many others have been out of action and in hiding in this modern world of technology before the crystals brought them out.

You must choose your path by selecting your preferred fraction and together with the survivors of your fraction, you shall bring terror across the lands.

Nations of Darkness Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Mod Menu)


In Nations of Darkness, There are a lot of fantasy creatures waiting for you to become their ruler. Take the side of the Vampires or the werewolves.

Recruit your heroes from over 60 available and utilize their abilities in battle.Create a battle formation with your heroes and become the unstoppable force.

Charge into battle with your heroes and defeat all enemies gaining victory in every mission. Upgrade your heroes and equip them with the best of weapons to take down all enemies during battle.


At the beginning of the rebirth of your city, you are to clear off lands and increase your territory. Make use of the menus to build farm and other necessary buildings.

The first chapter of your journey is “The Origin” and each chapter comes with it’s own unique challenges for you to meet up. Each challenge completed is a step further in developing your city.

Complete quests and expand your land purchasing different items in the game. Defend your homeland with all you got while developing it throughout the game.

Nations of Darkness Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Mod Menu)


You will not be the only player of this game, there are other players which you can connect with. Make friends and ally in this supernatural world and unite skills, strategy and coordination to conquer the realm.

Come up with strategies and device a plan to take down other opponents online. With great teamwork you can win the game in no time

Finish up your mission and make it your main objective to protect your city at all cost. Become the greatest ruler that ever live by making your people happy. We look forward to serving you, my lord.


  • Recruit heroes from different supernatural creatures. Over 60 heroes to be used for battle
  • Build up defences and defend homeland from attacks
  • Complete challenges for rewards
  • Form alliance with other homelands and rain terror on your enemies

Nations of Darkness Mod APK (Unlimited Diamonds, Mod Menu)


  • Unlimited Money
  • Unlimited Diamonds
  • Unlocked Heroes

Download the latest version 1.11.9 for all new features and game improvements.

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