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Name NBA 2K23
ID com.t2ksports.nba2k20and
Publisher 2K Inc
Category Sports
MOD Features Free Shopping
Version 98.0.2
Size 3 GB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.3+
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NBA 2K23 Mod — a popular basketball sports mobile game with your favourite NBA player and a nice gameplay.


NBA 2k23 is the latest release of one of the most popular and most played sports games in the world. It is a real-time strategy game with an emphasis on sports.

The game features a NBA mode which involves playing against the CPU or another player, and a NBA simulation mode where you can play against AI coaches and other players. It’s the basketball game anyone can play.

It is fun and entertaining and the next installment after 2K22. There are updated features, such as play throughs, power ratings and career mode.

Career mode lets you create your own player. You can choose the name, style, skin, and clothes to make your player unique. You can also choose the skill sets and attributes of your player.

Below are some key attributes you are to expect:

  • Power Jump – Attacking and defending as one player or as a team.

  • Pass Control – Simply control your ball to make perfect passes and avoid passing to the opponent .

  • Ball Movement – Move your player between the two dribble zones freely using the mouse.

  • Driven Defense – Be confident on defense by creating a powerful wall or pulling an opponent away from the basket with a counter attack.


This is a game of basketball with a well-balanced game play and a strong visual presentation that connects you with the NBA stars.

There are a lot of customization you can use in the game based on your preference. The visual display settings allows you to enjoy the game from any camera angle. It also delivers the most authentic playing experience which includes animations for both ball and players’ movements, the fans and stadium details, as well as uniform changes each season that are based on real time.


From the original NBA 2K series, 2K23 came with a head start for many basketball gamers. The game introduced an entirely new control scheme for players and created a brand-new career mode where you are to move from college to NBA to build a name for yourself as the greatest basketball player. It also introduced many new features to the franchise such as Ball Control, dribbling skills and updated roster of basketball players.

There’s also General Manager mode where you will take the role of a manager, control the entire team and manage your squad. You will have to do everything from finding the right players for your team, scouting the incoming rookies and drafting them. You need to be able to manage the budget and take care of all the other details.


You can challenge your friends to a multiplayer game as it can be played by two real time players, so far they are connected by WiFi.

There is an online mode which requires internet connection. In this mode, players can compete against one another and win a tournament cup.

Let’s go street in Blacktop NBA. It is a street basketball but in this, you go around the world to face opponents. Well, this mode has a multiplayer feature attached to it which you can play 3V3 with your friends.


The NBA 2K23 is a global sports game. It has the most popular players in the world and its fans are among the most passionate. However, we always need something new to keep you entertained and excited. So, the soundtracks used in the game has been updated with your favorite.

The NBA has created a soundtrack that features songs from artists such as Juice WRLD, Drake, Diplo, T-Pai and more. The soundtrack can be downloaded on iTunes or streamed on Spotify.

NBA soundtrack is a music track that plays when you are playing a match or performing specific activity.

Download NBA 2K23 Mod Apk + NBA 2K23 OBB.

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NBA 2K23 v 98.0.2
MOD Free Shopping
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NBA 2K23 v 98.0.2
OBB Free Shopping

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