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Name NBA 2K24 Mobile
Category Sports
Size 1.5 GB
Version 0.1.0
Publisher 2K Inc
MOD Features 2024 Season
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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NBA 2K24 Mod (Blacktop, Unlimited Cash) — The next generation basketball game for you mobile phone. This sports game has come a long way from the 2k20 series and it’s a whole lot better now than ever before.


NBA 2K24 is a whole lot sharper and better. It introduces new game modes and a much more friendlier user interface. Get your team ready for the ultimate NBA basketball tournaments and playoffs.

A lot of old features and game modes you love are present in NBA 2K23. Create your star player and progress to fame in career mode, breaking as many records as you can.

Step in the court, advance to opponents hoops and break as many legs as you can with stunning dribbling skills. With an improved graphics, you are going to enjoy every game and you won’t know when you get caught up in the net of NBA gaming. Enjoy the new sound track from high-class artists like Lil Yachty, Saint JHN and many others.

NBA 2K24 Mod Apk (Roster Update) + NBA 2K24 OBB


My Team is an amazing game mode that has been a part of NBA for a long time. Like past NBA 2K editions, you will manage your very own team and join in global challenges and events.

Form your team with your favorite NBA player, there is no limit to the NBA clubs you can get your players from. Play matches and increase your team’s OVR by completing specific player challenges.

At the start of My Team, you will get to play a triple threat match 3v3 as an introduction. This match allows you to use 3 extraordinary players, the best of the best. At the end of the triple threat welcome match, you will get to keep one of the 3 players for your team.

Join in 3v3 and 5v5 matches as you go up against different opponents. All players of 2024 rosters are here, but you just can’t recruit any player as you have to earn them to your squad, hence they are not all accessable.

NBA 2K24 Mod Apk (Roster Update) + NBA 2K24 OBB


Career mode is the favorite of many NBA 2k players, it takes you on a journey of rising to fame and becoming the most paid and famous player ever. The story line is unique and like previous editions, you have to begin as a college kid who gets picked during the 2024 NBA draft to join a club.

Increase your player’s OVR by making upgrades to specific abilities using game points. The higher your abilities strength, the more advantage you have over other players on the court. Earn income from signing contracts and endorsement. You can use your money to purchase cool gears for your players. Gears like hand sleeve, Snickers, head bands, can increase your career player’s performance.

Every team in NBA has records for highest points by a single player in a game, highest blocks in a game and others. Break each and every record and cement your name as the best player in the history of the club. Win Playoffs with your club and championship for nationals. To become MVP of the season, you need to take control of your performance on the court.


Multiplayer mode allows you to challenge other players, and allows other players to challenge you. Create new memories with friends as you go up against them on 3v3 and full professional NBA matches.

You can choose to play online or over a mobile hotspot network connection. Black top is also a part of NBA 2K24 game modes and you can choose to play Black Top multiplayer with your friends.

Have fun as you organize your team’s line ups and go against different teams like LA Lakers, Kings, LA Clippers, Golden Warriors and many others.

NBA 2K24 Mod Apk (Roster Update) + NBA 2K24 OBB


  • All registered NBA clubs are here with an updated 2024 roster
  • Play along side or against NBA stars like Lebron James, Anthony Davis, Kelvin Durant and Stephen Curry
  • Never get bored with over 4 game modes to play, including My Team and career
  • Amazing and improved graphics, and audio. All NBA team stadiums are clearly presented with details from the court design to the spectators
  • Play legendary matches with legendary players like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and others.

Download NBA 2K24 Mod Apk (Roster Update) + NBA 2K24 OBB. Stick with us and stay updated on the download link. 

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  • Ogbuagu Chibuikem avatar
    Ogbuagu Chibuikem

    Is it just an apk or there’s an obb file in the game
    And am I sure it will install because…..

    • Android Pocket avatar
      Android Pocket verified

      There’s an OBB file to the game… Bt its not official yet, so you will get the official 23 version available