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Name Oatsab
Category Social
Size 79.8MB
Publisher Whatsapp
MOD Features Advance privacy protection
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Oatsab Mod — A perfect mod version of your favourite Whatsapp. This modded social app offers more customization options than regular WhatsApp – it’s your favorite WhatsApp with a twist!


When it comes to communicating with friends, family, and other individuals of the world, there’s nothing better than Social media. Oatsab is a social media application that connects people together from anywhere in the world.

Communicate with others online with the realization that your message is end to end encrypted. You definitely have nothing to fear. This mod version of WA allows you to control your privacy in an advance way. You can be a ghost status viewer, and as well decide your “message seen” status.

Enjoy a massive level of customization with this app. You get to decide how you want your chatting interface to look by choosing any theme offered by Oatsab.

Download Oatsab APK (Whatsapp Mod)


If you are comparing the WA mod, Oatsab to the original WA version, there’s a lot of difference. Let’s start from user privacy protection. More advanced features have been added to give you more control over your privacy.

You can now decide if others should see your “seen message” double blue tick status without the need to turn off read receipts. It’s a whole new level of communication privacy. One thing you are going to love in Oatsab is that you can set the “seen message” status to come up only when you have responded to the message.

There’s an improvement to status privacy. You do not need to worry about others knowing you have viewed their status. Like this can be done with turning off read receipts, but you won’t be able to see those who view your status when you do that. With the new status privacy, you get to ghost view your contacts status and still get to know those who viewed yours.

Download Oatsab APK (Whatsapp Mod)


Tired of the boring old WA theme? Check out Oatsab theme library and change your chat user interface to something of your preference. There are tons of beautiful designs you can use. If your preference is not there, you can customize your very own theme just like Fouad IOS Whatsapp mod.

You do not only get to change chat UI, but the UI of the app in general, from Status page to voice and video calls. Oatsab is a super fun version, you won’t get bored or used to a particular theme when you are a user.


Apart from blocking users and having the privilege to know who block you, and customizing your chat UI, you can also save images and videos on Status directly from the app. With Oatsab, you do not need an external Whatsapp status saver application.

You can now post quality images on your status with zero problems. An improvement to the app is that videos you post on your status are no longer limited to 30 secs only, you get to decide the run time on videos you post. The only con to the video limit freedom is that only mod Whatsapp users get to view the video more than 30 secs.

Give Oatsab a chance and you will be glad you did! Download and join millions of users today.

Download Oatsab APK (Whatsapp Mod)


  • Advance privacy protection that lets you decide when others know if you have viewed their message
  • View others status as a ghost and still be able to know who viewed yours
  • New U.I that allows you to chat with friends, families, and other WA users with ease
  • Tons of themes to choose from when customizing the app chat and status U.I
  • In-built status saver that allows users to save status images and videos directly from the app, without the need for an external WA Status saver

Download Oatsab APK latest version today and experience the ultimate WA mod ever developed. 

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