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Name Pro League Soccer
ID com.rasugames.pls
Category Sports
Size 46.43MB
Version 1.0.42
Publisher Rasu Games
MOD Features Mod Menu
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android Android 5.1
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Pro League Soccer 2023 Mod (Unlocked Everything) — a mini football sports mobile game with a unique gameplay and 3D graphics. Challenge different clubs and Nations on your journey of becoming the ultimate champion.


This a game whole lot different from most football games out there. It comes with a unique players form, different from others you are used to. You are to control a team of miniature football players, as you sprint and pass towards opponents goal.

It’s a football game and therefore it takes the whole game mechanics, from defending your goal to attacking opponents and scoring their goal. Choose your starting eleven from the available players you have, ensure they are the best of the best to have an upper hand in matches.

You are in full control of your club or nation, from setting up formations and tactical strategies to deciding who plays in your team. Pro League Soccer features your favorite football stars and their clubs. Sign up only the best and create that unstoppable team.

Pro League Soccer 2023 Mod (Unlocked Everything )


There are basically three game modes available for play. You can join in a club league from any major country and work your way to the top, winning every cup you have access to. You can as well participate in Country matches and National tournaments.

If you don’t feel like playing club or nationals, don’t want to temper with your game process, you can simply play a quick match. Opponents in Quick Match mode is all random, but you can customize the match and select the country or club you want to play against.

There are different tournaments and cups for you to win. It’s not always easy as cups and tournaments is made up of the best clubs and countries there is. Pro League Soccer is quite challenging and this is a fun aspect of the game.


As a new player, your progress is all new and you get to decide which game mode you want to play. Club leagues are seasonal, and the club at the first position at the end of the season wins.

Pro League Soccer 2023 Mod (Unlocked Everything) APK

Any Country league you choose to join in, you have no option but to choose a club from the 3rd league division. From the beginning of league games, 2nd division and the main super league are locked. To get promoted to the main super league and challenge for a wide variety of cups, you have to finish at top 2 of league 2 at the end of the season.

Upgrade your club, win matches and earn more money for more upgrades. Scout for new players and sign the best to increase your club’s strength. Upgrade your stadium and your earnings will increase on every game you host home.

Available Club-Leagues:
England, Spain, Italy, Germany, France, Portugal, Netherlands, Turkey, Russia, Brazil, Argentina, Mexico, USA, Japan, South Korea, Indonesia.

Available Club-Tournaments:
Domestic Club Cups, European Stars League, European Major League, American Stars League, Asian Stars League.

European Nations League, American Nations League, Asian Nations League, African Nations League.

Available National-Cups
World Cup, European cup, American Cup, Asian Cup, African Cup.


The game mechanics is very much easy to understand and controls are just really simple. Make use of the left part of your mobile screen to control your players, and on the right, all action buttons you need are there.

Action buttons are labelled so players can never get confused on trying to understand what function is for which. Make use of action buttons at the right time from pass to sprint, press, slide tackle, shoot. The control is smooth and responsive.

Pro League Soccer 2023 Mod (Unlocked Everything)


  • 3 game modes: club, national and quick match
  • All main clubs and players are part of pro league soccer and updated 2023
  • National tournaments and cups
  • 2023 players transfer update
  • Smooth controls, with labels for easy use


  • Finish Match
  • Speed Time

Download the latest version 1.0.42 and enjoy the best mini football game better. 

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  • Alex Yomba avatar
    Alex Yomba

    I think its one of the best and most unique games in the world but try show teams progress when your knocked Out Of a competition Make the opposition team wear the correct outfit during cold wether Like sleeves matching with the colour of their kits. Then Show other teams progress during a Match Like Showing If Their 1-0 When You PaUse The Match. Please Add t
    hose may God bless you

    • Android Pocket avatar
      Android Pocket

      Hopefully, the developer will add it to the next update