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Name Puppet Master: The Defenders
ID com.klsvt.az
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited Money
Version 1.2.32
Size 313.2MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5+
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Puppet Master: The Defenders Mod (Unlimited Diamonds) — an action game that takes players to a battle against darkness where their only power is puppets.


Death is the only bridge between the living and their souls. Souls are unlocked to existence after death and the darkness is after them. Save everyone of them and absorbe them into puppets to use in battle against the devil.

The devil wants to devour all souls with it’s dark knight and other dark heroes. You must merge as many souls as you can to create powerful puppets that are strong enough to stop them. There is a path and the beginning lies the camp of the devil, you must deploy your puppets fast and try everything possible to stop them from getting to the end.

Awaken new skills and unlock new puppets. Check out for new contests and participate to win amazing rewards. Check in the store and purchase puppet packs to unlock new powerful puppets. With the unlimited diamonds feature of the mod, you can get to the top of global ranking with ease.


There are 26 different available maps for you to explore and each maps comes with it’s own demons and new bosses. Players must advance through levels to unlock new bosses and puppets.

Each new location requires a unique strategy. Understand the abilities of your puppets and create the most powerful strategy that can stop any demon whatsoever no matter the power and strength.


This game comes with 3 unique modes and each mode is full of fun and action. There is the PVP mode which you can play with your friends. In this PVP mode you are matched with other players online and both players will face the same demons bosses. You cannot allow the demons pass through because it’s going to be game over and the opponent wins.

There is also a Co-op mode in which you are to play alongside other players. Combine your force with your team and defend the souls against the devil.


  • Unlocked puppets
  • Unlimited diamonds
  • Unlimited souls
  • Unlocked maps

Download the latest version 1.2.32 for bug fix and new updates.

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Puppet Master: The Defenders v 1.2.32
APK Unlimited Money

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