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Name Roblox
ID com.roblox.client
Category Adventure
Size 158.06 MB
Version 2.594.525
Publisher Roblox Corporation
MOD Features God Mode
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
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Roblox Mod (ghost mode) — a 3D adventure game where you can create your own world. This is a game that lets you create worlds, build them and share them with other players.


Roblox gives you a really exciting experience as it introduces you into a world with different events. There is so much to encounter and sites to see in this mini world.

Meet up with different characters in the game as you establish friendship. Complete tasks and take part in different events and mini games.  The game has a wonderful environment with great  virtual.

Join millions of players in this cool and addictive game with so much to keep you entertained. Participate in any of the activities in the game and also decide who you want  to be. An exciting adventure awaits you.

Roblox Mod (Menu Mod, Ghost/God Mode)


In Roblox, your characters are designed to look like a Lego dolls. You can customize the appearance of characters you want in the game.

Decide the character’s gender, look, color and outfits as you see fit. Take your character into this mini world to interract with others.

You can also decide your characters lifestyle and how they act in the game. Control their behavior and how they respond to several activities in the game. Pick your customization from varieties of options.


This game has its own universe with lots of activities to keep you entertained. Take part in different events and mingle with other characters in Roblox.

Dive into this world and play different mini games with respective features. You can also decide who you want to become and how you add up to the game.

Become a cop and take down thugs and thieves or a tourist exploring different sites. Go into battles with a unique squad and also test different tech gadgets.

Roblox Mod (Menu Mod, Ghost/God Mode)


Establish connections with other players online as you meet up with new friends in the Roblox community. Interract with them and perform different activities as a team.

Each task successfully completed will give you cool rewards. Avoid death as you would be as vulnerable as any man. Take on different challenges and bring down enemies in fight.

Make good use of your imagination to create a new unique world with others living peacefully. An amazing adventure awaits you in Roblox.


  • Explore different sites in this mini world
  • Customize your character changing skin and outfits anytime.
  • Take on a role as you perform different activities in the game
  • Also check out other mini games to kill boredom.
  • Meet different people and interactil with them.

Roblox Mod (Menu Mod, Ghost/God Mode)


  • Mod Menu
  • God mode
  • Dark mode
  • Frozen screen
  • Burst mode
  • Get out of prison
  • Night Mode
  • Super jump
  • Multiple Jumps
  • Walk through walls
  • Fly – Fly
  • Mega jump
  • Color Map
  • Crawl on the floor
  • Scalar mode
  • Change animation
  • Crossing Walls V.2
  • Rabbit Mode V.1
  • Rabbit Mode V.2
  • More Lights to the Map
  • Bodiless Character
  • Armless Character
  • legless character
  • Change Map Color
  • ghost mode
  • Flying + Infinite Stamina
  • Lines in the sky
  • Fall when jumping
  • Explode When Jump
  • Teleport On The Wall
  • Respawn Light
  • Get Stuck on the Floor
  • No Walking Animation
  • Infinite Stamina
  • Super speed
  • Thin body
  • X-ray
  • Forward speed
  • speed back
  • Weightless
  • Doll Doesn’t Explode
  • Tiny Players
  • Invisible Players
  • Dark mode
  • Mira Cruz
  • Circle Sight

Download Roblox Mod Apk (Menu Mod, Ghost/God Mode) version 2.594.525 update.

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