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Name Roller Champions
ID com.kianstudio.rollerchampionsguide
Category Sports
Size 22MB
Version 1.0.1
Publisher Ubisoft
MOD Features Unlocked Skins
Requires android Android 4.1 expand_more
android Android 4.1
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
check_circle No malware & malicious ads
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Roller Champions Mod (Unlocked Skins) — A classic Sports game that mixes danger with racing. Download and participate in roller skate competitions together with your team. Defeat your opponents with skills and tactics.


It’s all about team work, go three on three against other Roller Champions player. Run, tackle, pass and score your way to become the most popular Roller Champions player of all time.

The more games you win, the more experience and fans you get. Form your team or join the team of others for the ultimate Rocket league tournaments. Everyone wants the cup, so it’s definitely going to be a tough run to the finals.

Create your own strategy and work together with your team to score as many points as possible. Run as much laps as you can to increase the points your team gets when you score a goal.

Roller Champions Mod (Unlocked Skins)


As a new player, you will go through a one time tutorial that will get you set on everything you need to know, from dashing, to jumping and tackling.

Roller Champions is a combination of race and combat, watch your back at all times to avoid getting knocked off your skate. Every member of opponent team will ensure you don’t win, so you have to come up with strategies that your team can work with to overcome every opposition.

Jump over opponents to dodge their attack, and make that pass when you are not in the clear. What matters is securing a win and team work is very important.


Every game you win, you earn fans. The number of fans you earn at the end of each game depends on the goals you can accomplish. Score as many 5 points as you can, block and tackle as many opponents as possible. There are so many objectives for you to complete and every single one you complete comes with it’s own reward.

Look towards the crowd gathered in the stadium to watch your games, you will definitely find your fans. The popular you get, the more customization options you will unlock.

Roller Champions Mod (Unlocked Skins)


Two teams go out against each other and only one wins the game. Each team is differentiated with colors, blue and orange. The team you join, be it blue or orange is randomized and it’s decided by the game.

Roller Champions takes customization to another level as players can customize their characters any way they want, from costume to hair style.

As you increase in fans, you will unlock amazing customization options and gadgets that will level up your game. Gadgets can make your character appear cool in the stadium and also give you the boost you need in each game.


Roller Champions is very much a rough game, every team for themselves. The game is played by two teams of three players each. Each team will try as much as possible to score more points and stop opponents from scoring more than them.

Just like a racing game, you will have to run laps to open up the goal port. 1 lap run successfully completed by your team equals 1 point when goal is scored. 2 lap run equals 3 points and 3 lap run equals 5 points.

The controls are very much simple and responsive. Use the direction button at the left to control your character’s movement and action buttons at the right to perform specific actions like pass, shoot, jump and tackle.


  • Customize your character in terms of their appearance, gender and even the outfits
  • Earn fans as you win games and complete objectives
  • Play with skills and strategies to win games and earn rewards
  • Join online challenges and tournaments and win top positions for prizes
  • Connect with other players globally
  • Challenge other players for the top spot in global leaderboard.

Roller Champions Mod (Unlocked Skins)


  • Unlocked Skins
  • Unlimited Money

Download the latest version 1.0.1 and enjoy your game play with mod features available.

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