Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes

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Name Star Wars™: Galaxy of Heroes
Category Role Playing
Size 88.02MB
Version 0.33.1388812
MOD Features God Mode
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod (God Mode, Unlimited Everything) — a fantastic RPG game that features both the light and dark knights from the show Star Wars. Players are to battle all through the missions which follows a base storyline making the game more interesting.


Start off by customizing your dream square with any star wars character all through history. Play daily quest and defeat enemies to earn rewards with which you can upgrade your characters to new levels.

Every character you unlock has unique skills and abilities on how they make use of their laser sword. The enemies are usually robots with high tech guns. You are to move through various galaxies to defeat enemies and uncover the main villain behind the evil plot.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod (God Mode)

The more levels you play, you get to open more slots of characters you can take into battle at a time. Level up each players with your earnings in order to increase their battle strength.


In Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes, you get to compete in terrifying ship battles. In conquering these battles you will need to enforce your squad with abilities to pilot your gigantic machine of war on sea. Emerge victorious and dominate your opponents to rank at top.

You can join the fast paced combats with your strategic squad members and terrific reinforcements to help out your game. You can also join lots of players in an online match. Quad up with your friends online and battle players all over the world as you match to glory in different galaxies.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod APK is a modified version of the original version. In the game you will get various added features that will help out your gameplay and make every level easy with immediate victory.

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod (God Mode)


  • All your favorite characters and troops from Star Wars franchise are here
  • Epic ship battles in a galactic theme. Gather reinforcements and defend your base
  • Team up with friends online and take down opponents base and loots
  • Go higher in levels and unlock new characters and weapons.


  • Player Damage Multiplier
  • Player Defense Multiplier
  • One Hit Kill
  • God Mode
  • Always Player Turn
  • Limit Break Always Usable.
  • Unlimited Everything

Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes Mod (God Mode)


  • NEW RAID – Inspired by the events in Mandalorian season 2, battle a Krayt Dragon in the new Raid experience!
  • RAID FEATURE UPDATE – We have updated our Raid system! Enjoy the new Raid the way you want with Difficulty Modifiers and a new shared reward system for your entire Guild.
  • NEW CHARACTERS – Get ready for Jedi Knight Cal Kestis’ Hero’s Journey by unlocking Cal Kestis, Saw Gerrera, Tarfful, Merrin, and Cere Junda!
  • NEW SHIP – Fury-class Interceptor takes to space, piloted by Darth Malgus!

Download the latest version 0.33.1388812 for bugs fix, new game features and play modes. 

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