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Name Street Cop 3D
ID com.blazedays.streetcop
Category Casual
Size 168.47 MB
Version 1.1.3
Publisher Kwalee
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
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Street Cop 3D Mod (Unlocked Skin) — Take up your police badge and go up against crime on the street in this casual mobile game. Everyone is a suspect, you need to be careful.


Playing Cop in a game is fun and a responsibility players can choose to take serious or not. Street Cop 3D takes players on a street patrol as a police officer.

Observe every little detail and individual you come across; crime is just a few steps away. The view is all 3D, giving you a nice street sensation. All details of a street are clearly presented, from the walkway to residential buildings, and people walking around or sitting at the bus stop.

Arm yourself always, you never know what you will expect or who you will come across. Be friendly to civilians, and take down criminals to earn money.

Street Cop 3D Mod APK (Unlocked Skin)


As a new player, you are to decide which police officer you are going to be. You get to choose your character, be it a male or female, black or white or asian.

Your role is to patrol the streets and take down any crime in sight. Protect civilians from danger as you perform your role. There are so many levels in Street Cop 3D, the game never seems to end. You won’t get bored as you are exposed to new crimes one level after another.

Enjoy the view of the street as you patrol towards your police car. Look left and right and observe all your suspects. Ask questions and hunt down criminals on the run. Savor the role of being a cop!


Don’t get too comfortable around strangers; everyone here is a suspect, from children to adults. Choose your target and run a thorough scan to decide your next action.

Ask questions and perform other actions from the action tab. Let go of civilians you find innocent. You are solely responsible for your actions; make wrong decisions, and you could lose a lot of money at the end of the level, or worse, still, it could be game over.

Street Cop 3D Mod APK (Unlocked Skin)

Search suspects for any incriminating items, make arrests when necessary, and use your gun when criminals resist arrest and start running. Bribery can come into play from time to time in Street Cop 3D; it’s your choice to give in or not.


At the end of each level, you get rewarded with money according to how you handle patrols. With this money, you can purchase weapons which include different kinds of guns.

Purchase and equip a stun gun to limit casualties during a criminal chase to zero. Aim and use the gun at the right time to stun criminals and arrest them.

There are different skins you can use for your character. Purchase as many as you want with the cash you have, and go out in style – from the corporate police uniform to that of the special forces. Customize them as you see fit.

Street Cop 3D Mod APK (Unlocked Skin)


  • Unending levels to play
  • Awesome tools to be unlocked
  • Different weapons you can use
  • Over 10 different skins
  • Bonus levels with extra challenges
  • New areas of the city to police


  • Unlimited money
  • Unlocked Skins

The latest version 1.1.3 comes with a lot of improvements. Download and enjoy! 

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