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Name Suspects: Mystery Mansion
Publisher Wildlife Studios
Category Action
MOD Features Easy Game
Version 2.0.2
Size 160.07 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.4+
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Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod (Max Lights) — a mystery action game where the players have to guess who is the traitor and who is not. It has a lot of social aspects and it requires direct interaction between players to win each round.


The game is based on the idea of Among Us. 9 players are all together in a mansion , and one of them is a traitor. The player who is the traitor wins the game if he successfully capture all other players without getting kicked out from the mansion. This game is brought to you by the developers of ZOOBA.

Suspects Mystery Mansion is more of a mystery adventure social game. Players have to work together and search for clues and complete tasks through the mansion. Once they find all the clues they have to solve a series of task in order to win the game.

If you are not the traitor, the first thing that you need to do is to look for any suspicious actions. You must find out what the suspect is doing and then call a meeting where the team will vote to kick him out.

It is not just about getting rid of a player from your team, but kicking out the real traitor. If you are wrong, you only succeeded in reducing your team’s number and giving the traitor an upper hand.

To increase chances of winning, all players need to communicate with one another and take note of suspicious activities. In order to make sure mistakes do not happen, players should not only focus on communication but also on identifying the traitor.

There are a lot of skins and animations you can select from. This brings customisation to a whole different level in the game. You have got tons of special animation effects, skins, hats and colours to choose from. All skins are usable in the mod version


  • Easy Game
  • Max Lights
  • Zoom Out

Download Suspects Mystery Mansion Mod Apk (Max Lights, Easy Game) v2.0.2.

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Suspects: Mystery Mansion v 2.0.1
MOD Easy Game

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