The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter

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Name The Walking Zombie 2: Zombie shooter
ID com.aldagames.zombieshooter
Category Action
Size 63.26 MB
Version 3.14.0
Publisher Alda Games
MOD Features Unlimited Everything, gold, fuel, ammo
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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The Walking Zombie 2 Mod (Unlimited Everything, god mode) — A pixelated action game that takes players to a world of horror for the ultimate test of survival.


Horror games are very intense to play; you just don’t know what to expect with constant surprises popping out here and there. The Walking Zombie 2 is a unique action game that focuses on fighting zombies and survival.

This game is the second sequel to the walking zombie you love. Get deep into the story as you advance from one level to another. There is so much to explore and behold, so many to save as well.

Woodland is ready for you to explore; there are so many things to discover and scavenge for. Arm yourself at all times; there are dangers lurking around, waiting for you to get into their nest.

The Walking Zombie 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Supplies, Gold & Silver)


As a new player, you will get to watch a short cut scene that prepares you for the walking zombie 2. The game begins dark, an infected woman is about to deliver a child, you must assist her to make this possible. Take out zombies at sight as you fight to protect that child whom you will come to know as the chosen!

The chosen character is the one you are to control. At the center of the woodland is the camp of survivors, where you can socialize with everyone and go on exciting missions.

Walking Zombie 2 story is full of exciting adventures and lessons to learn. You can never get bored as there are hundreds of missions available for you to play.


The environment in Walking Zombie 2 differs from the first game. It takes place 20 years after the protagonist has grown up. Things have changed significantly, with the only survivors focusing on building and doing everything possible to, well, survive.

There are different parts of Woodland you will want to check out. Moving from one location to another in Woodland is not free; you need to have gas for that, and you get debited from the fuel supply you have.

The Walking Zombie 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Supplies, Gold & Silver)

Missions are the main reason players explore the different regions of Woodland. Beware of Bandit’s Shelter, the indigenes are not so friendly. Check out the Old house and look for supplies to help you and other survivors.

Other regions you can visit are the Shooting range, Science base entrance, and Science base inside.


There are different weapons available for you to equip. During your first playthrough, you will need to complete a training stage that provides you with firearms and a melee weapon. You must then select the weapons you would like to use from the available options.

Ranging from machine guns to sniper rifles, there are various weapons available for use. You can find some scattered around different corners of your location, or you can meet the trader and purchase the ones you want. Additionally, there are rare firearms such as the Stg44 and M1 Garand.

Take care of your character and make sure to upgrade their skills when you earn points. Skills include defense, firearms, melee weapons, laser weapons, driving, communication, and many others.


  • Fight off hordes of zombies as you enjoy the best walking dead story.
  • Different locations to scavenge for supplies, and explore.
  • Watch out for bandits, they are armed and always ready to shoot at your character.
  • Over 20 weapons to select from and equip
  • Increased bag pack size to gather as many things as you need.

The Walking Zombie 2 Mod APK (Unlimited Supplies, Gold & Silver)


  • Free purchases for real money (do not buy too much gold and silver so as not to get banned. Internet and authorization in Google services are required to work)
  • Immortality
  • Unlimited Fuel
  • High damage
  • Unlimited ammo.
  • infinite skill points and abilities
  • Unlimited Everything
  • god mode

Download the latest version 3.14.0 and enjoy the new update and mod features.

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    This is a super fun horror action game. І enjoy playing it
    to pass somе time. Thanks for the mod

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    All mod features are working