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Name Truecaller Mod
ID com.truecaller
Publisher Truecaller
Category Communication
MOD Features Gold member Unlocked
Version 13.6.7
Size 99.91 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5+
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Truecaller Mod (Premium, Gold Member Unlocked) — a communication mobile application that enhances security in social interactions through calls and messages.


Nobody loves receiving unknown calls, you get stuck trying to figure out who the caller possibly is, should you answer the call or not answer the call. We accept calls best when we know the informations and identity of the caller.

Truecaller is a solution to getting caller’s identity and knowing if you are getting a spam call or not. This will make it easy for you to decide which number to pick up or block.

Messages are also part of Truecaller functionality as the app can filter messages into important ones and spammy messages. You can send and receive messages with ease. Identifying important messages and spam messages is now simple, you get to know which message could compromise your security. Protect yourself from fake/prank calls and data hacking messages.


Truecaller can go through any number on your phone and provide informations on the owner, whether incoming calls or missed calls. It gives the user the names of the owner of the number and possibly the person’s image. This process of identification is done very fast

It has a data base with which it scans for informations and callers identify. The only con to this feature is that not all numbers Truecaller can identify, given that they have little or no information about the owner.

Numbers are categories into four by the application, and this categorization is done with four different meaningful colors. These colors takes the full background of incoming calls, so it is easy for the user to know which category the call belongs to. Blue color background simply means you are getting a standard call, red is for spam calls, purple for priority calls, and green for verified businesses.


Just like a normal message app, Truecaller allows users to send and receive messages at the lowest cost possible. Using sim’s credit for sending messages is optional as users can make use of their internet connection.

This app analyses all incoming messages before showing the user. It identify what kind of message and the source and categories them into standard, important and spam messages. Spam messages are automatically sent to the spam section away from others, so users don’t mistakenly go through them unless they want to.


Caller ID is a part of Truecaller which users are to make use of to customize call settings and appearance. Choose an image to use for your ID and put in the right name that will make it easy for other users to identify you.

You can change and edit the call sounds to fit with what you will find comfortable. There is a lot of customization options to allow users increase user experience on their own. Check out notifications and keep up with what’s new. With Truecaller, your mobile calls and messages are protected much better than ever.


  • Caller identification to differentiate spam calls from standard calls
  • Messaging functionality to send and receive messages
  • Block spam numbers and spam messages automatically
  • Send short messages along with calls to inform the recipient the reason for call before hand
  • Calls are possible with online internet connection
  • Social connection: users can now connect their Truecaller account to their social media accounts.


  • Premium features
  • Unlock gold membership

Download the latest version 13.6.7 for bugs fix and new features.

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Truecaller Mod icon
Truecaller Mod v 13.6.7
MOD Gold member Unlocked

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