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Name Whot King
ID com.maliyo.whotking
Category Card
Size 81MB
Publisher Maliyo Games
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android Android 5.0
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Whot King Mod (Unlimited Money) — a card mobile game perfect for all ages. This game is very popular in west Africa and you can play it with the entire family.


Whot is a very popular card game common to Nigerians,  and only 2 to 10 players can play a game. Make up and experience new strategies as you defend and attack your opponents.

Create new memories with friends, play with the family during game night. Whot King is easy to play, but involves a good level of calculation and strategic thinking.

The first player to get all his cards played wins the game and there is no second place. Different game modes are available and all game modes are fun to play.

Whot King Mod (Tournament)


Join thousands of players who are currently enjoying this game from around the world. Begin your journey to become the Whot King, challenge and defeat opponents in every game modes.

Players can play any of the game modes online and they will be able to communicate with their opponents. Not to worry, there is also an offline mode that allows you to play alone, and an offline multiplayer mode that allows you to play with others with a wifi connection.

Try out elimination mode where players  are removed from every round, until only one is left and becomes the Whot King. Players with the highest number of cards at the end of each round is out.

Earn 3 stars on a normal one round play mode, where the winner is the player who is first to play off all his cards.

Whot King Mod (Tournament)


Whot King begins with cards being shared to the players. Every card is of different shapes and numbers, and only cards with the same shape or number can be matched off.

There are power cards in the game that allows players to request a particular shape from the next player. The next player has no choice but to provide the requested card or visit the market if the card is not available. The market is just a name given to the stack of cards that is not shared to anyone, players do not request for a specific shape from the market, they just pick the card that is at the top.

Send powerful attack like pick 3, forcing the next player to add 3 more cards to what he already has. Defend and counter attacks from opponents, watch and do not lose your guard!

Whot King Mod (Tournament)


  • More than 50 cards with unique design and shapes.
  • New power cards for attack and defend
  • Single and Multiplayer game modes
  • Win amazing rewards and coins on three star victory.
  • Offline wifi mode so you can play with friends and family.


  • No mod

Download the latest version for bugs fix and game improvements.

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