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Name WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim
ID com.mkarpenko.worldbox
Category Simulation
Size 114.22MB
Version 0.22.20
Publisher Maxim Karpenko
MOD Features No Mod
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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WorldBox (Sandbox God Simulator) — A unique simulation game which features great world adventure. Bring life into the planet by perform different tasks and try different experiments


WorldBox – Sandbox God Sim is a single player game which takes you through the Earth’s Ecosystem with little to nothing. As the god of the planet, you are to bring life into the world putting several resources together.

Make the deserted lands fertile for crops and other plants to grow healthy. Construct streams and water ways and watch the planet come to life.

Create room for different organisms to coexist and make your world their habitation. Watch how different animals and living things interact and create their food chains to make a cycle of life.

Add humans and civilizations to your world and watch how they develop the world to the best of their knowledge. You can create simulations of world events like natural disasters and pro-creations.

WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim


Add life to your world with all resources available to you. Convert the deserted lands into fertile lands for crops and plants to strive.

Also add different animals to feed and inhabit the earth. Freely create any living organism from small cute creatures to great beasts and monsters.

Add humans to your planet and watch how life takes it’s course in the ecosystem. Watch how all living things coexist with one another in your simulated planet.


You can choose to make anything happen freely in your world. Make needed additions and also make room for extinction as desired.

It’s all in your hands to create and destroy in WorldBox – Sandbox God Sim. Manipulate your world with natural events and changes.

Cause the sun to shine, rain to fall, snow and seasonal changes in the planet. Make do with natural disasters like volcanic eruption, earth quakes, climate change and meteor showers.

WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim


All power in your world relies on your decisions. Create a new civilization and different races in the world and pay attention to their existence.

Watch how they make do with every resources on the planet to make living worthwhile. You can add up different resources and watch how your new civilization develop with the things around them.

You can choose to create challenges for the living and watch how they overcome it. Use your ability to create different Islands, valleys and ocean in WorldBox – Sandbox God Sim.

WorldBox - Sandbox God Sim


  • Freely create your a perculiar universe
  • Establish civilizations and watch how they thrive
  • Make the land fertile for crops and other living organisms
  • Watch wars, hazards and disasters take place in your world
  • Create and destroy at will
  • Become the god of the planet

NOTE: There is NO mod version to Worldbox – Sandbox God Simulator. PAY the developer to access premium features.

Download the latest version 0.22.20 and experience great adventure as the god of your own universe.

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