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Name WR3D 2K23 LITE
Category Sports
Size 140 MB
Version 1.0
Publisher MDickie
MOD Features WrestleMania 39
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
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WR3D 2K23 LITE Mod (WrestleMania 39, Main Events, Smooth Play) — The perfect sports mobile game for all wrestling lovers. The 2023 mod of Wrestling Revolution 3D is here with a LITE version that allows low-end Android users to be a part of the action.


An excellent WWE 2K alternative for Android is now available. Join millions of players as you embark on your wrestling career, choosing your dream wrestling roster from either WWE or AEW.

Select your wrestler from over 100 available, step into the square ring, and fight for victory. WR3D 2K23 LITE is as intense as the major version, retaining all major features you know and love.

This is a LITE version, so you won’t have access to the heavy customizations of the 2K23 mod, but you also won’t miss out on anything amazing. There are new added features available exclusively on the 2K23 mod from version 2 onwards. Experience no game freezing!

WR3D 2K23 LITE Mod Apk (WrestleMania 39)


The uniqueness of Wrestling Revolution lies in the numerous wrestling rosters featured in the game, including WWE, AEW, NXT, WWE DIVAS, TNA, and Japan Pro Wrestling.

Go through each roster and decide where you want to begin your career, fighting through the ranks as you challenge for the championship title. The WWE roster is divided into RAW and Smackdown, featuring all the wrestlers you know and love.

Each wrestling roster is made up of over 20 wrestlers, including the likes of Roman Reigns, Bobby Lashley, Rey Mysterio, and Charlotte Flair. WWE Hall of Famers are not missing; there’s a whole roster dedicated to all of them. You can use The Undertaker and other Hall of Famers for career and exhibition matches.


Just like every version of Wrestling Revolution 3D, you have three playable game modes. Set up matches in Exhibition mode, decide the game rules, and choose the battle arena and script.

WR3D 2K23 LITE Mod Apk (WrestleMania 39)

There are two types of career modes you can play. One is your personal wrestling career, which involves choosing a wrestler from any roster and playing through his or her wrestling story.

The second is the General Manager mode, which places you in charge of an entire roster. It’s important to note that with General Manager mode, you can influence how much your wrestler in the personal career mode is earning.

WR3D 2K23 LITE allows you to play through years of the WR3D calendar without experiencing any game lag. LITE is ideal for devices with lower versions of Android.


The new features currently present in the lite version will make their way to the 2K23 main Mod in the version 2 update. The first is WWE Press conference. Just like the backstage arena, this is a new room where you can fix a match. Its design is as real as it can get, a perfect WWE Press Conference room clone, with the media visibly present.

Real match wrestling commentary announcer is here. Currently, you only have Michael Cole at the commentary stand, sitting and commentating. Future updates will include more commentators. The WR3D 2K23 LITE mod version reduces the video titantrons of wrestlers to make the game lighter without sacrificing quality.

This LITE mod version is brought to you by SEPKER.

WR3D 2K23 LITE Mod Apk (WrestleMania 39)


  • Smooth gameplay that can run on Android version 5 and above.
  • 3 playable game modes with no lag. Exhibition mode, Career mode, and General Manager mode.
  • Over 200 wrestlers from different rosters including Becky Lynch, Saint Rollins, and Matt Hardy.
  • All major world wrestling brands are featured in the lite version: WWE, AEW, TNA.
  • WrestleMania 39, SummerSlam, Hell In A Cell, Money In The Bank and other PPV major arenas are here.


  • WWE Press conference, backstage, and updated major events arena skins
  • Reduced wrestlers pyro and video titantrons
  • Smooth gameplay without freezing


  • Android
  • Memory: 512MB/1GB RAM
  • Processor: Dual-core processor
  • Storage: Please reserve 2GB of space
  • Recommended system: Android 4 and above

Download the LITE version today and experience the best wrestling game for android yourself. 

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    If you’re wr3d 2k23 lite is only working backstage what do you do

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      Android Pocket verified

      Everything is working perfectly on tested android devices… I don’t quite get your question, but to reduce ram usage of the game, you can try turning off lightings and enterance