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Name WR3D WWE 2K23
ID air.WR3DFree
Publisher Sepker
Category Sports
MOD Features Pyro
Version 1.0
Size 233MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.0+
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WR3D 2K23 Mod Apk (commentary) — an android wrestling sports game and a mod version of Wrestling Revolution 3D developed by MCDickie.


Wrestling Revolution 3D 2K23 is a game where players are to take the role of a wrestler and go into the square ring to battle other wrestlers.

The game is a simulation of professional wrestling where players choose their character from a set of wrestlers with different strength and finishers. The goal is to become the “champion” by winning matches against other players.

You can select from one of over 100 wrestlers from different roster to begin your wrestling career. Each wrestler has their own personal storyline which will be revealed over time as you play through matches.

As you win more matches in career, your popularity grows and that will boost your wrestler’s abilities.


WR3D 2K23 is not just based on WWE, it’s based on all renowned wrestling brand in the world, like AEW and TNA.

You can select any wrestler from the likes of Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Becky Lycnh, Jeff Hardy, Ronda Rousey and many others. Players are required to select a wrestler when they are fixing match for exhibition and when they play career or general manager mode. It is simple!


The graphics in this game is one of a kind, all details are realistic and it is in three dimension. You can change wrestlers shadows to make them look more real when the wrestlers are on the ring. Set ring ropes to look real, and even have the lights on in the wrestling ring in order for it to look more classy.


The controls for 2k23 is absolutely the same for 22. You have got:

  • CURSORS for Movement (double tap to run)

  • A for Attack (continuous tap to perform a combo)

  • R for Run

  • G for Grab

  • P for Pickup item/Drop (make use of cursors to toss held objects)

  • T for Conversation/Pin/Official obligations

  • EYE to Change focus/Turn to enemies or anyone around

  • Wellbeing METER for Switching character

  • CLOCK to Pause/Change camera angle.


You are going to love this game, as it features your favourite game rules, 2023 events and arenas.

  • Divas (Women Wrestling)

  • Ambulance Match

  • Coffin Match

  • Updated Arena texture

  • Hell In A Cell

  • Wrestlers Pyro

  • WrestleMania

  • Desk texture

  • Unlimited Money and easy influence to your wrestling contract.

  • Updated wrestling roster.

  • AEW wrestling

  • Improved apron System

  • Better realistic and amazing graphics, lightings and sound system.

  • Real wrestlers entry scenes.

  • Easy access to table, ladder and chairs.

  • Real entrance scene music.


The game is very easy to install, click the download button at the top to begin. You will be redirected to a download page, after which your download will begin.

After download, click on install and enjoy your game. You can preregister for WR3D 24 as you await new updates.

Download WR3D 2K23 Mod Apk (Commentary) v3.1.

Available Versions

 WR3D WWE 2K23 icon
WR3D WWE 2K23 v 1.0 BETA
MOD Pyro
 WR3D WWE 2K23 icon
WR3D WWE 2K23 v 1.0 BETA
RAR (PC) Pyro

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