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Name Action Taimanin
ID com.GREMORYGames.ActionTaimanin
Category Role Playing
Size 2.55GB
Version 2.10.63
Publisher Gremory Games inc
MOD Features Stun Enemies
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Action Taimanin (Stun Enemies, High Damage) — A cool Role Playing Game which combines both action and anime based features. Assemble your team of pretty anime kunoichis to battle against terrorists and monsters in the city.


Action Taimanin is an anime based game which offers a sense of thrills with its actions and indepth plot. Assemble your squad of beauty kunoichis from the city of Taimanin to eradicate all forms of threats in the city.

Pick different characters and make necessary upgrades to their skills and techniques. Collect various weapons and other battle equipment to help defeat monsters and terrorists.

Watch the in-game characters engage in discussions with immersive Japanese voice acting. The game features high-quality graphics, showcasing characters and the environment in a 3D display.

Complete missions to earn significant rewards as you advance in the game. Engage in various online battle challenges with other players to secure substantial prizes. Explore mini-games to win bonuses and accumulate sufficient coins for purchases.

Action Taimanin Mod (Stun Enemies, High Damage)


In Action Taimanin, you will see different characters with unique battle skills abilities. Every character is built different having unique appearances, outfits and fighting style. Unlock different outfits and costumes for your beautiful characters in the game.

Watch how the kunoichis of Taimanin fight in epic battles against terrorists and monsters attacking the city. Go on different missions with your characters and eliminate all threats to finish up the mission.

Gear up with several gadgets and weapons available in the shop. Unlock new characters as the game progresses and upgrade each character and weapons to boost their battle IQ.


Make it your mission to protect the people of Taimanin by eliminating all the villains. Fight off monsters, demons, terrorists and other creatures who are here to bring chaos to the world.

The game also offers classic interactive discussions between characters as they take on different missions and build up the plot of the game. Prepare yourself for any challenging battle and missions ahead.

Take down the evil bosses on the game with team work and dedication. Become the chief commander and master the various controls of the game to pass each mission.

Action Taimanin Mod (Stun Enemies, High Damage)


Earn massive rewards from carrying out different missions successfully. Unlock new arenas and meet new characters as you progress.

Join weekly challenges and events in the game to win bonus prizes and many more. Up your rank in the leaderboard by defeating as many monsters as you possibly can.

Battle against other players in a 3v3 PvP match in any of the arenas as you make use of your most powerful character to win the game. You can also try out other mini-games to gather enough money for in-game purchases


  • Exciting actions and battles in different arenas.
  • Beautiful kunoichis and different costumes to be unlocked.
  • Partake of different events and weekly challenges to earn rewards
  • Assemble your team to the battleground and take out all evil creatures.
  • Play other interesting mini games.
  • Engage in the interactive discussions between characters like Sakura and her teammates

Action Taimanin Mod (Stun Enemies, High Damage)


  • High Damage
  • Stun Enemies
  • Max Health

Download the latest version, 2.10.63 and enjoy your gameplay with all mod features listed above.

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