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Name Age of Apes
ID com.tap4fun.ape.gplay
Category Strategy
Size 805.67MB
Version 0.60.3
Publisher tap4fun
MOD Features Unlimited Resources
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Age of Apes Mod (Unlimited Resources) — A fun strategy game which features monkeys and other primates coming together to create a safe civilization. Battle mutants and develop your city as you take down different base as the Commander.


The age has come where monkeys are left to roam the earth. Humans are all gone and the monkeys are gaining some level of intelligence.

The Earth’s atmosphere is now opened to dangerous radiations turning monkeys into monsters and terrifying beasts. Play Age of Apes as Commander Scot, the leader of the monkey troops and come up with strategies for survival of the monkeys left in the world.

Gather up the survivors and build your team as you make a safe home for the monkeys to live. Discuss with your intelligence squad and come up with different ideas to make the world a better and safer place for your people.

Expand and develop your city as you gather up different items which will be of good use in the game. Save monkeys and survivors of other troops and join forces to make your team better.

Age of Apes Mod APK (Unlimited Resources)


At the start of the game, you will need to take down all mutants and gather up survivors left in the vicinity. Do your best to protect your teams and find a new base which can help protect the people.

Gather up different items as you construct different buildings in your new base for monkeys to reside. Get help from Sergeant Roger and other monkeys as you strategize to make your city better.

Explore the clouded areas as you take down any towers which are likely to hold mutants within. Expand your city and level up as you construct medical labs and other useful buildings which can protect your people from radiation.


Search through different locations and take down different base in the game. Gather your troops for battles and different missions.

Finish each mission by taking out all other colors of towers with your troops in three different waves. Protect your people from radiations and possible attacks from these beasts.

Search for survivors and help them escape from mutants as you expand your city and troops. Finish different tasks and get various rewards which can help in your development.

Age of Apes Mod APK (Unlimited Resources)


Play Age of Apes online which offers various features including PVP wars against other players. Become the greatest team and stand out with massive warriors and high tech equipments.

Explore different galaxies and take your team to victory as the strongest troops. Finish up different chapters and cooperate with other forces to fight off the enemies.

The game graphics is terrific with 3d portray of characters. Play different missions by swiping your screen as you try to eliminate all other colors of buildings to clear stages.


  • Create your own troops and develop your city.
  • Come up with strategies to survive
  • Take down all mutants and protect your people from radiations causing mutations
  • Save other troops and survivors to expand your team
  • Gather up different equipments and items to upgrade your city.

Age of Apes Mod APK (Unlimited Resources)


  • Unlimited Resources

Download the latest version, v0.60.3 and enjoy your gameplay with all mod features listed above.

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