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Name Another Shadow
Category Puzzle
Size 80.08MB
Version 1.0.49
Publisher Dark Dome
MOD Features Unlimited Hints
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Another Shadow Mod (Unlimited Hints) — A classic puzzle game with paranormal events and horrifying stories. Solve riddles and mysteries to escape the horrors of darkness.


Another Shadow is yet another game developed by Dark Dome. It holds horrifying stories and different paranormal events.

It’s the sixth sequel of the series, Hidden Town Escape Escape game. It starts of with a couple, Bastian and Carissa moving into a new apartment.

As the story proceeds, strange and paranormal events started taking place in their new home. Bastian has been drawn into deep darkness by Shadows and curses of Ancient times.

These curses are back to haunt them till it’s satisfied. It’s up to Carissa to help Bastian escape the Shadows. Solve different puzzles and intense riddles as you help Carissa unfold the mysteries of the shadows to help Bastian escape.

Another Shadow Mod (Unlimited Hints)


The game Another Shadows holds different horrifying stories and deep mysteries. As you progress in the game, strange appearance and paranormal events will begin to occur.

Your objective in the game is to unlock the mysteries of the shadows and dive deep into immense darkness. Help the couples escape the shadows at the end of the game.

The story develops with every path you choose and every decision you make. An exciting adventure awaits you in Another Shadow.


Develop your IQ with different riddles and puzzles the game brings to you. There are different unsolved mysteries and challenging puzzles waiting for you.

Collect different items and zoom in different locations in the house as you dive deep into the Shadows. Every mysteries solved take you a step closer to your goal which is escaping the shadows.

Make new valuable items by putting together the ones available in your inventory. Expand your creative thoughts to escape the horrors of the shadows.

Another Shadow Mod (Unlimited Hints)


The game also has other mini quests and challenges to do. As you proceed with your main objective you can solve mysteries like finding the shadows hidden through out the room.

The game has great build ups with amazing graphics, and horrific sound tracks. Stories are told with characters’ conversations in the game.

Also get additional help in the game with hints and clues. Use these hints when a puzzle or riddle gets too difficult.


  • Collect items in your inventory and also build up new useful ones as you advance
  • Solve riddles and other challenging puzzles to escape the darkness
  • Amazing stories and paranormal occurrence
  • Other mini objectives and challenges to expand your adventure.

Another Shadow Mod (Unlimited Hints)


  • Unlimited Hints

Download the latest version, 1.0.49 and enjoy all mod features listed above.

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