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Name Brawl Stars
ID com.supercell.brawlstars
Publisher Supercell
Category Action
MOD Features All Brawlers Unlocked
Version 48.304
Size 394.24 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 4.3+
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Brawl Stars Mod (All BRAWLERS Unlocked)an action game of intense brawling. Choose your brawler and join in epic battles and fun filled events.


Supercell has taken animation to an amazing level over years of game development. Brawl stars is a 3D mobile game with unique characters called brawlers, with which gamers can participate in events.

Journey through the trophy board and unlock amazing prizes and brawlers. The game is fun to play and in a pattern very appealing to younger players. The animation is top notch and brawlers icon sound are realistic as they can get, with the help of real voice characters.

There is no end to the game, the fun continues every new update. Keep brawling, increase your trophies and earn a place in the global leaderboard.


Some of the events are solo or duo, while others requires team effort. Team up with your friends or online partners, and reign supreme in every events.

There are 4 events available to play. You just can’t have enough of them. Players are to meet up with certain requirements to unlock all events.


At the beginning of the game, players will get to play the first event, Gem Grab. This event involves two teams of 4 players each. Each team will fight through challenges and opponents to secure 10 gems for the win. Victory depends on how long a team can hold up to the gems. Gems are dropped once the brawler holding them get killed.


Every man for themselves. Go solo or duo as you brawl your way to last man standing. This matching of Brawlers for this event is mainly on the consideration on players strength and experience level, to make the game fair. Every player goes head-to-head to take out each other. Victory is for the last man or team alive.


The event is exactly like the name. Go on an heist with your team of 3 and defend your treasures as well. At both end of the map lies each team safe box. Work with your team to destroy the enemy’s to win the game. If there is no box destroyed at the end of the countdown, the team whom’s box is with a lesser damage wins.


This is the last event before boss battle event. Brawl Ball involves 2 teams of 3 players each. It is more like a football game. Combine forces with your team, brawl, pass, and shoot! Secure three goals with your team to win the event.

The winning players at the end of each event earn trophies to level up to higher ranks.


The variety of brawlers players can use in battle is a lovable part of the game. All brawlers are unique, and each of them have different skins players can choose.

Some of the brawlers you will get to meet and be able to use includes: Poco, Piper, Ricochet, Darryl, Penny, Pam, Frank, Mortis, Tara, spike and so many others. Brawlers have special abilities which can be use in battle. Mortis is well known for his shovel and his ability to summon bats on special attack.

On the trophy road, players will unlock prizes which include brawl box. Brawl box is a surprise box, no one knows what’s inside until it is opened. On opening, you could be given a new brawler or Power points to upgrade brawlers. Play the mod version to enjoy unlimited coins and gems.


  • Over 20 Brawlers to choose
  • Different skins to try out and wear to battle
  • 4 major events with no end
  • Online leaderboard and competition
  • Join a team and grow together
  • Epic boss battles with amazing rewards


  • Unlimited Coins
  • Menu mod
  • Bypass
  • Enable debug/admin menu
  • Unlock brawl pass
  • Infinity ammo
  • Anti kick
  • First person camera,big camera,more
  • Add level
  • Add cubs
  • You can use shop and other without needed level
  • You can join matches without needed level
  • Change lobby background
  • Unlimited Gems
  • Unlocked Brawlers

Download the latest mod version for all mod features.

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Brawl Stars v 47.200
MOD All Brawlers Unlocked

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