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Name Call Recorder - SKVALEX
Category Tools
Size 13.64 MB
Version 3.6.0
Publisher SKVALEX Mobile
MOD Features Full Version
Requires android Android 4.0 expand_more
android Android 4.0
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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Call Recorder – SKVALEX Mod (Full Version) – A tool app which comes with some special recording features. It is beneficial for Android devices which has no recording features.


Call Recorder SKVALEX brings to you different features that can help your device record calls from both ends. It is quite helpful to devices that doesn’t come with built in recording functions.

There are several functions in this app that makes it more beneficial. You can change the format of your records, add notes, search for recordings and arrange them in any order of your choice

Control your recording while on call by using the buttons available like start, stop play and pause. You can also make use of special features like selecting specific contacts you wish to record their calls and deciding what to do with any recordings.

Call Recorder - SKVALEX Mod APK (Full Version)


If your device doesn’t support recording features, then look no further, for Call Recorder is the solution for you. It comes with all call recording functions as an external app which sync to your call settings.

It can also be useful in devices that have recording issues. With this app, you can record any call you wish by using the in call controls after setting up the app.

Make use of the buttons which will appear during your call to control your recording. Choose to start a recording, pause and end at anytime. You can also manipulate recording speed at any time.


Check out all functions of call recorder SKVALEX with special features which makes it even more fun to use. Manage your record files in any orderly manner as it can help you trace any recording you  wish to listen to.

Set up some automated functions like deleting files which are too old and selecting to only record calls of certain contacts. Call recorder SKVALEX also gives you the liberty to make decisions like when to record or not to. Make any decision and control the calls you make from the app.

You can also listen to recording playbacks from your speaker and share with friends. Make options of any file format you wish to save your recordings like MP3, FLAC or WAV audio.

Call Recorder - SKVALEX Mod APK (Full Version)


  • Sync the app to your call setting and record calls anytime
  • Call Recorder is useful in devices which have no recording features
  • Select some contacts you wish to record their calls and conversations
  • Functions that can help to convert your record file formats
  • Manage and arrange your record files in an orderly manner.


  • Full Version

Download the latest version 3.6.0 and enjoy your experience with full version.

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