EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy

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Name EMERGENCY HQ: rescue strategy
ID com.sgs.emhq.android
Category Strategy
Size 1.14 GB
Version 1.8.07
Publisher Promotion Software GmbH
MOD Features Move Speed Multiplier
Requires android Android 5.1 expand_more
android Android 5.1
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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EMERGENCY HQ Mod: rescue strategy (Unlimited Money, Move Speed Multiplier) – A classic strategy game which takes you to a little city where residents carry out their business peacefully. Be alert for disasters or accidents and get your team all ready to save the day.


Dive into this mini world as you save the residents of the town from occuring accidents. Together with your team go on emergency missions when  you are called, saving lives and properties.

Construct different buildings alongside the missions you carry out as you build a great city. Make sure everything in your little city is fine by attending to various emergency calls.

Join forces with different rescue teams like Police, fire fighters, paramedics and others and make sure they handle their respective duties excellently. You can also make upgrades in the game and complete different missions and in game tasks to earn rewards.

EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK: rescue strategy (Move Speed Multiplier)


Go on rescue missions with your team of heroes who specializes on different aspects of emergency. Gather up a team of Police, Firefighters, SWATS and  Paramedics.

Read every emergency situation and send the right team to the location immediately. Complete operations with great strategy to progress into the next level.

Make sure to read the situation correctly so you don’t send the wrong team to the venue. Ensure the peaceful living of the city’s residents with your teams in the HQ ready to take action at any time.


There are lots of missions to be carried out in this game. Carry out every missions given in the game and earn cool rewards after completing them.

You can also perform daily tasks given with everyday logins. Take your team of expert heroes into the city to run emergency operations and receive rewards once they are successful.

You have to be tactical when solving each problems to avoid errors that may destroy lives and properties. The victims should be taking care of fully and all properties should be gotten with little to no damage. Ensure to make needed upgrades to your vehicles and equipments in the game and also train your team to be better.

EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK: rescue strategy (Move Speed Multiplier)


You can join challenges online in a PvP mode showing off your strategies in solving problems. Take your team into competition against others as you make quick response to any situation.

Beat opponents to the location needing emergency and be quick in reaction to win the challenge. Make your way above every other teams to get rewarded.

The safety of the city lies in the hands of your strategy and your teams’ abilities. Build the best city ever and construct the greatest Emergency HQ ever.

EMERGENCY HQ Mod APK: rescue strategy (Move Speed Multiplier)


  • Get your team ready to save the day
  • Complete missions and tasks to get rewards
  • Play against others in a PvP mode as you make use of great strategies
  • Ensure your city is peaceful as you account for everyone’s safety.
  • Take up different specialists like police, firefighters, and Paramedics into your HQ.


  • Move Speed Multiplier
  • Unlimited Money

Download the latest version 1.8.07 and enjoy your game with the mod features listed above.

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