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Name FRAG Pro Shooter
ID com.ohbibi.fps
Publisher Oh BiBi
Category Action
MOD Features Unlimited Joker Cards
Version 3.6.0
Size 130 MB
Price FREE
Requires Android 5.1+
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FRAG Pro Shooter Mod (Unlimited Joker Cards) — an FPS action game that is all about team work. Players are matched up to form a team and together, they go into battle with the opposition.


How good are you at team work? Well there’s a way for you to answer that question. Join in millions of players world wide and get ready for some combat!

This game has over 40 characters of which you are to select one to use in battle. Each character comes with its own unique ability, so you have to make a good decision on the one you want to stick to.

You will be matched up with other players as FRAG Pro Shooter is an online game. Fight along side your comrades and make some friends in the process. You already know each character has their own unique ability, so you will be combining yours with that of your comrades and take out the opposition team. Kill your opponents by shooting them down or any other form of attack.

The game is played on a 3 Dimension map and played by two teams who are spawned at each end of the map. Make use of different weapons like sniper rifles, machine guns, grenade launchers and rocket launchers as you take your team to victory.

The game offers high-quality 3D graphics, realistic sounds and an incredible level of customisation.

FRAG PRO is quite simple to play but it has a lot of depth in terms of strategy, tactics and planning. Do not forget to upgrade your character, the stronger the better.



  • One Hit Kill

  • God Mode

  • Unlimited Ammo

  • Unlimited Ability

  • Mass Kill [NEW]

  • Tele Kill [NEW]

  • Change Height [NEW]

  • Player Size [NEW]

  • Unlimited Diamonds

  • Unlimited Joker Cards

Download FRAG Pro Shooter MOD APK (Unlimited Joker Cards) v3.6.0.

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FRAG Pro Shooter v 3.6.0
MOD Unlimited Joker Cards

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