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Name GTA 6
Category Action
Size 1.3 GB
Version 1.1
Publisher Rockstar Games
MOD Features Unlocked
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android Android 6.0
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GTA 6 MOD (GTA VI Unlocked) — A free-world action game packed with lots of gun-combat missions, heists, and high-speed chase from the law. This is the most anticipated sequel of Grand Theft Auto, featuring new characters and a compelling story.


Grand Theft Auto is a popular game that takes players into a free virtual world where they can live the life they want. There are various kinds of missions to play, and you are responsible for the actions you make on and off missions.

GTA 6 is similar to other variations of Grand Theft Auto, featuring a variety of weapons and real-world details. It introduces new features to the game, making it better than any previously released Grand Theft Auto.

Play over 80 story missions and walk through the life of the protagonist, escaping cops and running heists. Get rich in the game and live the luxurious life you’ve always wanted, purchasing anything, no matter the expenses.

GTA 6 MOD APK (GTA VI Unlocked)


Grand Theft Auto 6, abbreviated as GTA VI, features an entertaining and intense story mode. With more than 80 story missions, it introduces players to the lives of the protagonists.

This sequel in the franchise follows the story of two characters, Lucia and Jason. Grand Theft Auto introduces a selectable female character for the first time. Lucia, the main character, is also a single mother.

The story takes you through the life of Lucia and how she escapes from her troubled past. You will be on the race for your life at some point in the story. Jason is the second character, his role is not as primary as Lucia, but he plays a huge part in Lucia’s story.

The story is compelling, and you won’t get tired of playing it over and over again. Apart from story mode missions, there are also other mini missions you can undertake.

GTA 6 MOD APK (GTA VI Unlocked)


This virtual world takes you on exciting missions to keep you entertained always; GTA 6 never ends even after you complete the entire story missions, allowing you to continue living your life freely.

To keep the game enjoyable even after completing the story, off-story missions will come up from time to time. Keep a close eye on your mobile phone and accept all incoming missions.

Some missions you can take on are:

  • Get away driver
  • Taxi man
  • Gun man for heists
  • Car race

You can challenge yourself by creating personal missions. Similar to the real world, there are malls where you can take your character for shopping. Additionally, there are restaurants and hair salons.


Vice City is a popular location in the Grand Theft Auto universe, based on modern-day Miami in the USA. It features various landmarks for you to explore, ranging from beaches to clubhouses.

This is not the first time Vice City has been used in the franchise; it was the official map of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. The main difference in this map in GTA 6, compared to other variations, is that it is twice as large. There is so much to do and many places to explore.

What’s GTA without vehicles of all kinds? Move from one location to another by hijacking vehicles (cars, aircraft, and boats) or purchasing your very own. This time around, hijacking electric luxurious cars will not be easy, as special tools will be required.

GTA 6 MOD APK (GTA VI Unlocked)


  • 80+ story missions to be played and never ending off-story missions
  • New cars, aircraft, and boats are being introduced. Electric cars are making their debut to Grand Theft Auto in GTA VI, featuring a new hijacking process.
  • Welcome back to Vice City in GTA 6, the map is large and there are new landmarks to explore
  • Gun-action combat with variety of weapons, ranging from pistols to heavy machine guns, and explosives
  • Go real estate and make money buying and selling rental properties
  • Two main protagonist to control.


  • Full story and missions unlocked

Download GTA 6 MOD apk latest version 1.1 for bugs fixes as you explore Vice City going on missions.

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