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Name March to a Million
Category Simulation
Size 35.34MB
Version 1.2.1
Publisher Kairosoft
MOD Features Unlimited Money
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March To A Million Mod (Unlocked, Unlimited Money) – An addicting simulation game that comes with lots of entertainment-based features. Recruit and train talented characters to partake in different shows.


March to a Million introduces players to the world of show business, placing you in the role of the boss. Recruit various talented individuals and have them participate in auditions.

The game gives you the liberty to run your show and leverage individuals’ talents to increase your company rank. Take your stars to music, dances, and even acting auditions, and watch them rise in rank while bringing home various awards.

Become a great manager, publish albums featuring your musical stars, and gain fame by cultivating a dedicated fan base, receiving shout-outs from top fans of your talented champions.

March To A Million Mod (Unlocked, Unlimited Money) APK


There are many individuals in this game with unique talents. Recruit most of these individuals and march to a million with your selected trainees. You can hire these unique stars through advertisements in the little city.

As a manager, you will help your trainees maximize their respective talents. Follow up on objectives, complete all available tasks in the game, and prepare your trainees for any performance or show.

You can gauge their talent level on their profile page and observe its progression over time as you play. Manage their well-being and oversee rehearsals as they improve.

March To A Million Mod (Unlocked, Unlimited Money) APK


Manage your trainees to the best of their abilities and guide them to perform in various auditions. A successful interview should be followed by a great performance in shows or concerts.

Depending on your trainees’ talent, they can either perform in concerts, movie theatres, join rock bands, or even participate in singing competitions. There are several awards and titles you will receive with the success of your star trainees.

March to a Million by taking your small studio of trainees into a large theater with lots of stars to try out. Awards are granted for every completed task, mission, and also when your star trainees succeed.


Transform your standard record company into a thriving studio business by exploring diverse revenue streams. Use your income to grow your studio into a large theater that attracts various talents.

There are various jobs you can get in the show business, which include selling albums featuring the work of your stars and earning a percentage for managers from any show. Develop a fan base that allows your fans all over the city to follow and get the latest hits from your studio.

You can also chat with your trainees in a chat box. There are big dreams awaiting to be achieved in this game. Play and March to a Million.

March To A Million Mod APK (Unlocked, Unlimited Money)


  • Recruit and train talented characters to perform in different shows
  • Get massive awards from different competitions
  • Grow a fan base platform to increase reach out of your talented stars
  • Raise your popularity rank and become a pro manager
  • Chat with your trainees in the game


  • Unlimited Money
  • Paid

Download the latest version 1.2.1 and enjoy all mod features listed.

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