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Name My PlayHome Plus
Category Casual
Size 179.82 MB
Publisher Shimon Young : Play Home Software
MOD Features All Unlocked
Requires android Android 5.0 expand_more
android Android 5.0
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My PlayHome Plus Mod (All Unlocked) – A casual game with filled with lots of play dolls. It is featured based on real life doll houses and a mini world with different locations.


My PlayHome Plus is totally for babies and kids entertainment. It has a mini world with lots of dolls and real buildings.

It is a game built to build your kids creativity and imagination. All the buildings are equiped with regular building utensils and apartments to allow your kids create their own story.

The games comes with lots of doll characters living in a city with simulation of real life activities. Get the kids to schools and the adults to their places of business.

My PlayHome Plus Mod (All Unlocked)


Keep your kids entertained and relax when you are busy. With this game simulation, there is no more need for a real doll house thereby saving the cost of getting one.

The gameplay is easy to control even for a toddler of 3 yrs as they can move the characters and different items around. The game can also be ideal for kids of 8 years as they can let their imaginations run wild.

Your kids can also create a reality based on their ideas on everything happening around them. There is also no need for any subscription or data connection in this game.


My PlayHome Plus gives your kids the reality they need in a doll house. It contains every features a doll house truly needs.

There are lots of characters in the game which your kids can move around as they play the game. The characters are of different ages and genders. Kids, adults, male females and even families are all in the game.

The buildings have various sectors like kitchen, living room and even bedrooms. You can also move characters to other locations mapped out in the game like school and business places.

My PlayHome Plus Mod (All Unlocked)


The game makes great use of kids imagination. Dolls are available in convenient amounts and they can be placed in different locations.

You can control what each character do on a daily basis. Taking the kids out to play in the backyard or to the park, making dinner to feed characters, washing clothes and dishes and also watching  TV

It’s all about creative thinking and imagination of your kids. There are lots of possible reality to create in the mini world of My playHome Plus.


  • Interesting playhouses for kids creativity
  • Arranged world with doll characters you can move around
  • Offline gameplay with no ads or subscription
  • Easy gameplay with well equipped dolls and characters
  • Varieties of dolls from adults to kids and also females and males.
  • Different locations and buildings with family dolls to move around

My PlayHome Plus Mod (All Unlocked)


  • All Unlocked

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