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ID com.tencent.ig
Category Action
Size 803 MB
Version 2.8.0
Publisher Level Infinite
MOD Features Anti-ban
Requires android Android 4.4 expand_more
android Android 4.4
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Security Safe check_circle expand_more
check_circle Tested and guaranteed by ANDROID POCKET
check_circle Official file from Google Play
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PUBG Mobile Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC) — the ultimate survival action game, with the most intense warfare and team battles. Explore your world and make use of objects to your advantage for survival.


PUBG, a short initials for Player Unknown Battle Ground is a shooting game of intense combat. Players are to go up against each other in an environment of their choosing and must scavenge for resources to survive. Survival is for the fastest, smartest and fittest.

Every player of PUBG mobile should be aware of the dangers of choosing a wrong location for landing. Avoid tense locations on the map for landing if you do not want to exit the game earlier than usually.

All objects you will find aids survival, and there are rewards for completing as last man alive. They are various events which comes up periodically and players should get ready.


There are different game modes for players to play, you can certainly renew the action and fun as there are always new opponents and challenges to face in each mode.

PUBG introduces new amazing features on every update, and one that is noticeable and here to stay is the improvement in map locations and environment. Player Unknown Battle Ground is going futuristic with new designs to old buildings and new infrastructures like the Tesla industry. The future is now!

As of the current updates, 4 game modes are available for players which are: Classic, Arena, Arcade, and playlab. All modes are fun packed, challenging and intense. The most popular among players is Classic mode, as this is the home of Battle Royale wars.


As a new PUBG mobile player, you will be questioned to choose a playing level, Rookie (first time playing shooting games) or Pro (not first time playing shooting games). This level will determine the matches and tutorial you will get.

Battle Royale in PUBG comes in different maps. Every map has a unique terrain and environments for players to explore. As a new player, Erangel is the only map you can play as other maps like Miramar and sanhok are locked until level 5. In PUBG, not all objects and maps are accessible directly as you will need to download the data files to load them up.

Go solo or team up with your friends and other players as you battle for last man standing and winner of chicken dinner. All 100 players in battle royale matches are to begin the war empty as they drop from the deploy plane. Run to buildings and structures nearest to find weapons and health items because the opponent will be doing same. Watch out for the deadly gases that shrinks playing map from time to time, you do not want to get caught up with the gas outside the playing zone. It’s all about survival and every player is ready to take out enemies in sight.

PUBG Mobile Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)


Arena games don’t take much time like battle royale. They are more of multiplayer battles with modes like; Domination, arena training, assault and team deathmatch.

Team deathmatch is fun as players are to go up against each other in a small map of limited resources. Unlike Battle Royale, you will be armed with a chosen weapon from the beginning of the battle to the end. All weapons you can find in classic mode is here, including explosives and sniper rifles. Deathmatch has a time range and the team with the most kills at the end wins.


Like most shooting games with battle royale modes, PUBG welcomes the two main perspective play style, FPP and TPP. You can start battles with first person perspective and can switch to third person perspective anytime you want.

The players of Player Unknown Battle Ground are recognized as all nationality are available for selection at the creation of new account. There are different languages to select from for easy understanding and navigation of game menu. Players can also edit their controls to fit how they play and weapons they use.

PUBG Mobile Mod (Anti-ban, Unlimited UC)


  • 4 main game modes to play, all with different sub games. Experience intense battle royale and multiplayer team deathmatch.
  • Different maps with amazing locations and terrains. Explore Pochinki, Hospital, and Quarry in Erangel
  • Over 100 weapons to use in battle, both rifles and explosives
  • Futuristic vehicles and transportation available. Try out the new automated train ride
  • Rank matches and global league ranking
  • Socialize with in game mic and communication features. Send, receive and accept friend requests
  • Different clothes with unique designs to play dress up


Use at your own risk, we strongly advise against using the main ID

  • Anticheat bypasser
  • Antiban
  • Esp enemy count
  • Esp line (3 type)
  • Silent aim bot target
  • Aim bot auto trigger
  • Esp box 2D
  • Esp box 3D
  • See through wall
  • Esp radar
  • Esp name
  • Unlimited UC
  • Esp health

Download the latest version 2.8.0 for all new mod features. Korean version is also available (PUBG MOBILE KR Mod Apk).

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